Age of Wushu Wiki

In the very beginning, players are offered to join a Guild as part of  one of the game's tutorials. To do this, they have to go to one of the Guild Guide NPCs found in the starter towns, School areas or Evil Men's Valley. This mission can also be found as 'Make Friends And Join A Guild' in the 'Guild notes' section of the Novice Guide.

After already being guild members, players may choose from the following mission types:

Daily Escort[]

Daily Escort's can be done by clicking "N" in game and scrolling down and finding Daily Escorts.

Here you can Choose whatever City you are closes to and click the NPC to go there, You can either create a party that you are only in or do it has a group of guild members..

Daily Escorts can be robbed while you are doing them, anyone can come up to you and start attacking your Escort.  This is why you have 3 different horses you can choose from, you gain chi for your meridans everytime you complete an escort.

  • First Horse is Fast but the armor of it is very Weak
  • Second horse is medium with more armor than the first
  • Third horse is pretty slow and has the most armor of all

You also have 3 different escorts you can pick from ranging from 30mins, 45mins and 1 hour now its not going to take you that long but its giving you that much time to succesfully complete it incase you get attacked and whatever else maybe the case.. Most of the time we just choose the first one(fast horse)


Do the 30min escort with the fastest horse and it takes 5 mins a run for 22k contribution to guild 22k? funds you also get funds for your self(bound) lieng. The best escort route is Chengdu-Golden Needle Shen family

Escort Mission[]

Hidden Escort Robbery[]

Whenever you see a player escorting a cart of goods for their guild, you can click on it and a popup will appear to confirm if you would like to raid the cart. If you accept, you will be given a 10 minute "Raider" buff that refreshes any time you strike a player's cart. As long as this buff is active, you are flagged as criminals and can be attacked by the cart defender as well as anyone else without penalty.

If a cart is succesfully destroyed, it will drop chests. These chests contain Bad Goods that can be exchanged for 1 small XP Pill each. Once a cart is destroyed, it will drop half its cargo. After awhile, the cart will respawn. If the defender fights off the raiders, they carry on and get half the reward. If not, the raiders destroy it a second time to get another round of Bad Goods.

Surprise Attack[]

A guild leader must first designate acceptable targets in the "ambush" tab of the guild interface (H) before any guild members can launch a Surprise Attack. There is no limit to how many times a player can take part in this mission per day. Players will be awarded with special certificates to exchange for various items such as XP Pills and guild building repair items. However, only during the hour or so leading up to a Guild War fight does a Surprise Attack actually affect the durability of the buildings in a guild HQ. Any other time of the day, it is just a slap in the face.

Guild Territory Guard[]

This mission is taken up inside the guild HQ. If there are any enemy players conducting Surprise Attacks, guild members can activate this mission to put out the fires and fight off the raiders.

Guild Wars[]

Invade another guild's territory. Able to take territory over if successful. Allied guilds and random friends can help when everyone follows the proper channels.