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A guild territory serves as a "home" to its members. While they may be considered expensive to get, guild territories have many pragmatic functions:

  • While in a guild, players can access its territory from anywhere by using the Teleport Function
  • They contain upgradable Guild Buildings
  • Participate in Guild Wars for control of the region.


When a guild is at least level 2, the Guild Leader can talk to the Guild Administrator and select the option "Purchase Guild Territory". He/She will then have to:

  • Click a Scene on the map.
  • Select the desired territory's name in the pop up window.
  • Choose a map region in the list located at right side of the map by clicking the  ' + ' sign located on the left side of a Scene Name, click the desired territory's name.

Then press the "Preview Position" button, click "Purchase" at the bottom-right corner of the previewing map and click "Confirm".

Purchasing a Guild Territory costs 500 personal Liang silver. (Verified)

Territories can be captured from other guilds via Guild Wars; The attacking guild must also be at least level 2.


After buying the Guild Territory, the Guild Leader can talk to the Guild Administrator to upgrade its size. The steps are similar to purchasing, but instead of pressing "Preview Position" button, the "Expand Size" option must be used. The Guild territory can be expanded twice:

  • upgrading from Small to Medium size costs 500 Liang silver.
  • upgrading from Medium to Large size costs 500 Liang silver.

Guild Territories[]

Currently, there are 32 available guild territories, 2 in each of the game's scenes (except for Jinling and the Northern Desert):

Name Location (in the scene) Scene
Moon Reaching Peak Southeast Tangmen
Goulou Mountain East Tangmen
Black Wind Mountain West Emei
Jiuyou Mountain East Emei
Heart Searching Cliff North Chengdu
Breeze Valley Southeast Chengdu
Black Dragon Hill East Qiandeng Town
Sword Testing Cliff South Qiandeng Town
Feihe Mountain East Scholars
Jiuli Cliff West Scholars
Water-Break Cliff West Yanyu Villa
Blue Serenity Cliff East Yanyu Villa
Qixian Peak West Suzhou
Immortal Falling Cliff North Suzhou
Tiger-Taming Mountain South Luoyang
Ice Erosion Cliff East Luoyang
Heaven Reaching Peak West Wudang
Holy Wind Hill East Wudang
No Return Valley Southeast Shaolin
Frost Plum Valley South Shaolin
Sword Forging Valley South Evil Men's Valley
Guyun Peak North Evil Men's Valley
Cloud-Break Cliff North Beggars' Sect
Huiyan Peak Southwest Beggars' Sect
Three Finger Peak West Royal Guard
Fallen Petal Valley South Royal Guard
Flawless (Wuxia ?) Mountain North Yanjing
Drunk Willow Valley Southeast Yanjing
Centipede Hill South Jiming Posthouse
Junwu (Kunwu ?) Peak North Jiming Posthouse
Duantian Cliff West Wanderer's Valley
Sacrifice Cliff Southeast Wanderer's Valley