Age of Wushu Wiki

Guild War can be declared on a guild's occupied territory within the first 24 hours of purchasing the territory. These guilds do not have to be an official enemy guild. Once a guild territory is attacked, if the defending player repels the invader, they will recieve a 3 day protection period during which other guilds cannot attack them. A GM may choose to drop this protection early to get back in the fight sooner.

Guild Wars run on a system of bids made by guilds using Guild Funds. All bidders are anonymous until the challenger is announced and the highest bidder on a territory will be chosen as the challenger. A guild must be level 2 or higher to take part in any Guild War and all allies that would fight alongside a guild must be present during the bidding process to be allowed to participate. Other 3rd party guilds may choose to "show up unannounced" during this process as well. The bidding process starts at [NEED TIME] and ends at [NEED TIME]. The actual fights begin at 19:30 server time.

During a Guild War, there will be a list of objectives to complete in order to achieve victory. These objectives range from burning down buildings to kidnapping maidens for ransom. There are two "stages" in a Guild War; the outside and inside the Main Hall. Once an attacking force has completed the outside objectives, they can move to teleport into the Main Hall and attempt to seize the territory's throne. In this manner, guild A can attack guild B's HQ and take it for their own. It is important to note that when two territories go to war, both offense and defense are played simultaneously and both HQs are vulnerable to attack.

In the hour and a half leading up to the actual fight, guilds may launch Surprise Attacks on one another to burn off building durability before a fight.