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Villa of The Departed

Location Scholars
Guide Villa of the Departed Guide
Difficulty Minimum strength Recommended strength Max players
Normal Expert of Self Max level 3
Hard N/A N/A N/A
Hell N/A N/A N/A
Shura (17:00-23:00) N/A N/A N/A

Story (this was written word for word from the Ingame Forbidden instance Guide) A few Jianghu friends got bored of the fighting and decides to retired within Guili Villa. It became Known as an elegant and culture placed with no one to interrupt them. 20 years ago on the night of Mid Autumn Festival, Zhuge Family Leader Zhuge Qingtian and Shen Aojun, number one in the world, agreed to meet Dongting Lake for a Challenge yet it led to disaster after that night, all the Wulin people on sight died and Shen Aojun and Zhuge Qintian dissappeared mysteriously. After this, both the Zhuge Family and Shen Family was wiped out. All major schools and sect tried to find te answers, all related people have died, leaving this an unsolved mystery. Guili Villa Master is Zhuge Qintian's brother. He hid here after the mysterious case of Zhuge Qintian and Shen Aojun happened. 20 years ago Guili Villa become Scholars' Forbidden Instance. What happened by the side of the lake? Where is Shen Aojun and Zhuge Qintian? Who Killed the two major families? The answers are all within Guili Villa.

Main Gameplay 1. Got to the little fishing village to find out about guili Villa. Help the villagers defeat the pirates. 2. Go to the front parlor and challenge fifth Villa Master, Fan Li, to the book test. 3 Go to Chengxing Pavilion and challenge the Fourth Villa Master to the Painting Challenge 4 Go to the wine cellar and challenge the Third Villa Master to the Wine Test 5. Go to the chess pavilion and challenge the second Villa Master to the Chess Test 6. Go to Hear Music Cliff and challenge the First Villa Master to the Lute Test 7. It is possible that by chance you may find out what had happened in the past.