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"Your greatest enemy is yourself. Conquer your inner demon in the Heart of the Devil, and be rewarded with advanced skills and medicine."

Heart of the Devil icon

Heart of the Devil (also known as Possessed Encounter and Mind Demon) is a daily boss battle. To enter the boss arena, the player must either use a Demon Banishing Order or interact with the big red lantern that randomly spawns near the player. Up to two friends can be invited to join the battle.


  • Character Strength ≥ Untapped Potential
  • The player must not be participating in another event.
  • Each player can participate in Heart of the Devil 4 times a day: once via the Demon Banishing Order, once via the red lantern, and twice by accepting a friend's help request.


Big Red Lantern

The big red lantern.

The big red lantern is used to enter the Heart of the Devil. The lantern will randomly spawn next to the character when they perform any Chi-boosting activities, such as fighting. Only the summoner can interact with the lantern. The lantern will despawn after 3 minutes.

If the player doesn't interact with the lantern, they can summon more lanterns. If the player interacts with the lantern, they will be teleported to the boss arena and no more lanterns can be summoned until the next day.

Demon Banishing Order[]

Demon Banishing Order

The Demon Banishing Order is an item that can be used to enter Heart of the Devil. When the item is used, the player and their summoned friends will gain a 100% damage buff and a damage reduction buff for the duration of the boss battle. The item can be looted from Liu Zhenyu.

Inviting Friends[]

Up to two friends can be invited to join the battle. To invite friends, they must first be added to the player's friend list. The invitation is sent by right-clicking the friend's name on the friend list and selecting "Random Encounter". The friends must be invited before starting the battle.

Boss: Demon & Clones[]

The boss battle can be started by talking to Kindness. The players will be fighting against a demon and evil clones of the players. The difficulty of the battle scales with the strength of the players.

The Demon[]

The players will be fighting one of five different demons: Evil Intentions, Irrational Thought, Resentment, Ideology, or Greediness.

The Clones[]


A clone without the poison aura.

Hostile clones will spawn at the beginning of the battle. Defeating the clones is optional but highly recommended to make the fight easier. The power of a clone matches the Strength of its counterpart. The clone's fighting style depends on the character's school:

Regardless of the school, all clones will persistently have the Demon Heart Chain Hand poison aura, which deals damage and disables flying skills.

Glitch: The poison aura can be removed by not letting them cast it in the first place. There is a 1-second gap at the very beginning of the battle during which the clones can be knocked back to interrupt the casting of the poison aura.

Crippled Souls[]

The Crippled Souls are buffs that spawn in the arena during the boss fight. Hitting one of the Crippled Souls will destroy it and provides the attacker a buff. The effects of different Crippled Souls will stack.

Crippled Soul Effects Duration
Damage increased by 100%
HP recovery equal to 5% of damage dealt
1 minute
Damage increased by 100%
Energy recovery equal to 5% of damage dealt
Damage increased by 100%
Critical hit rate increased by 30%
Damage increased by 100%
Damage taken reduced by 30%
Damage increased by 100%
Movement speed increased by 30%