Age of Wushu Wiki

What is Heaven Ladder Arena(aka Sky Ladder)?[]

Heaven Ladder Arena is a cross server event were players can fight in a 1vs1, best of three rounds match against other players.

How do I enter this event?[]

  1. First, find the "Sky Ladder", the button in the big red box, Icon located on your bottom right corner. If you are not able to see it, press the "More" button to expand the button options.
  2. Select "Standard Battle", highlighted in orange
  3. Pick a room. If this is your first time, your only option is the 8000 point limit option.
  4. Interface

Click "Set Selection", in Sky Ladder you are only allowed up to three different sets and you can't mix them either. Before each round, you can set the skill set you want to use.

  1. Click "Start Parring", highlighted in green, and a button with cooldown will appear for 60 seconds, click on that to face your opponent.

The Fight[]

The activity is a best of three rounds 1v1 PVP match. NOTE THAT AGE OF WUSHU DOES NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT POWER LEVELS, GEAR, MERIDIANS, OR ANYTHING WHEN MATCHING OPPONENTS. YOU CAN BE A MENTALLY BALANCED AND FIGHT A SURPASSED THE WORLD. On release, everyone starts out with 10000 sky ladder points but over time the godly players should move on to higher tiers leaving the weaker players in lower rooms.


Rewards may include chi pills, cultivation pills, and a chance to flip one of four cards if you have 60 kungfu points. It is confirmed that you can win Golden Snake Sword skills, high level fragments, and other valuable stuff from this event.


VIP's can enter 10 Sky Ladder fights a day. NONVIP's can only enter 5 a day.