Each enemy listed below will spawn heroes from at least two different schools, with one of the schools being more common.

The chart below uses x to mark the type of heroes that spawn. The more common one is marked with a capital X. An asterisk next to the enemy's name indicates the enemy is close to another one. 

Beggar's Sect (scene) 752,785 Scorpion Valley Guard x x
730,-52 All Foreign NPCs x x
711,136 Beggar Sect Ruffian x x
Chengdu 220,656 Lumberjack supervisor x
425,921 Firebolt xxx x
313,505 Lingtian Escorts x X
150,840 Laborer x X
759,922 All Jian Army x x
Emei (scene) 690,480 Muyun Manor Elite x
806,47 Seven Star NPC's x
500,420 Bandit Leader X x
500,420 Emei Bandit X x
1079,-142 Black Suit NPC x
584,1105 Mizhu Heart Broken Girl x x
616,801 Heming Temple Taoists x
713,369 All He-Generation NPCs x x
Evil Men's Valley -118,-280 Port Guard X x
Jiming Posthouse 800,260 Bandit x
105,61 Hunter X x
Jinling 1330,300 Cattle Thief x
1330,300 Cattle Keeper/ Guard/ Expert x
Luoyang 1335,1395 All Mouse NPCs x x
814,40 ? x x
0,443 Baodu Stockade NPCs x x
1290,1445 Thousand Buddha Cult ...* X x
240,615 Water Bandits x x
Northern Desert 946,406 Yang Pass Guard x x
223,-538 Devil's Gate x x
1326,43 Desert Wanderer* X x
1375,238 Thirsty People x x
1147,945 Heaven Net Cult ... x
1027,287 Ascetic Tibetan Monk* X x
842,159 Thieves & Soldiers x x
940,1113 Hawk Eye Assassin* x X
Qiandeng Town 620,600 Da Liang Sect * x X
440,785 Armed Escorts, Merchants x X
Royal Guards (scene) 250,200 Deserters x x
300,630 Beggar Sect Spy X x
180,-400 Black Hill Guard x x
960,930 Phantoms' Manor x x
675,350 Ba Springs x x
Scholars (scene) 137,429 Cubilose Thief + Wretched Man x x
250,1075 Yellow Dragon X x
160,1250 Pirates x x
470,1090 Green Dragon x x
100,1000 Double Dragon Castle ...* X x
1206,1211 Bold Pervert x X
1640,020 Pirate x x
1171,1335 Wanderer's Valley slayer x
Shaolin (scene) 400,50 Monks x x
730,650 Drunk Monks X x
Suzhou 948,390 Valley ... + Sword tomb ... x x
523,971 Windbell valley disciple x x
578,1110 Pill refining taoist x x
433,1153 South of ... + Faceless ... x x
204,1448 Throat cuttung woman + Five poison finger x x
488,768 Rude Carpenter x x
488,768 Fierce Stoneman x x
1143,542 Miner x x
Tangmen (scene) 610,880 Wandering Master X
677,170 Mysterious Royal Guard* x X
1350,80 Provocative Guest x
1300,150 Provoking Janghu Guest X X
800,-510 All Tangmen NPC's X X
470,280 Tangmen Disciple X X
230,-80 Five Immortal Sect Male Disciple* X x
Wanderer's Valley (scene) 353,266 Boa Trainers, Rangers x X
452,208 Wanderer's Valley Outside Disciple x
497,248 Jungle Killer + Footpad* x X
Wudang (scene) 919,1132 Tomb Burglar x X
529,953 Escaping Bandit x x
290,260 Back Mountain Patrol Disciple x X
-430,48 Barn guard x x
-500,31 Rude bandit x x
82,262 Masked ... + Mysterious ... x
Yanjing 670,1170 Qinshui Lake Swordsman x x
1010,1450 Ancient Tomb Sect Traitor x x
670,1170 Bandit x x
1580,70 Killers Manor x x
-270,25 Cheater x x
430,800 All Camp NPCs x x
380,1520 Sword Forge Guard x x
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