Age of Wushu Wiki

"Your home is the nexus that bridges the original content of Age of Wushu to the vast New World. With a resourceful domestic staff and optimized Feng Shui via furniture arrangement, your home becomes a vital base of operations for all your adventures."

Housing is a high-maintenance, contested feature of Age of Wushu. Homes have a durability and a luxury value. The durability defines how well a home is maintained and if it is in risk of being lost. The total luxury value for a home is the sum of its base luxury value and the luxury value of its furnishings.

They are of special interest as they allow access to the New World (free expansion added to the game after release) Northern and Western regions. But public houses already allow to enter the New World (and transfer items between new and old world, unlock and level up new world skill sets and buy new world equipment). Public houses do not have any requirements or limitations, everyone can use them, they do not belong to anyone. The downside is that Public houses are closed during certain times of the day and can only be used to between the following hours server time:

  • 03:00-05:00 (3 am to 5 am)
  • 12:00-14:00 (12 am to 2 pm)
  • 18:30-01:00 (6:30 pm to 1 am)

Acquiring a home[]

House numbers are limited in the world. For example YanJing has 50 houses, Luoyang has 36 houses available.

LuoYang, Wudang and Shaolin belong to the western region. YanJing, Beggars and Royal Guards belong to the northern region.

Once you have met the requirements, you may acquire a home by either

  • using Building Tokens to build a new home over an unoccupied lot (Go to any house location on the open world map, if it does not belong to anyone you can claim it.) The token drop in any instances except school instances and will be placed into the material bag.
  • purchasing a home from another player via auction.

Players can build a home or view the resident's information by examining its door plate.

Level How to get Building Tokens Upgrade residential area How to upgrade Styles
Dormitory Ranked rewards from guild campaigns will be distributed among guild members. Level One Cannot be upgraded. On the first day of each month, the dormitory will be returned and redistributed based on the new ranking from guild campaigns. Log cabin and brick house
Shop Exchange from Building Officer Level Three Exchange for Home Expansion Token from Building Officer Hut, log cabin, stone house, and cave
Shop Official Competition Rewards Level Three Exchange for Home Expansion Token from Building Officer Brick house

Requirements for getting a home[]

  • Players must be a Jianghu VIP
  • Players must reach Flows with Chi (Tier 1 Internal Skill at Level 30).
  • Players must have Building Tokens, Vigor and materials.
  • Each player can only have one home at a time.

Home Styles & Building Materials[]

The cost of construction depends on the selected home style. The materials have to be acquired from specific areas.

Huts are the lowest quality house, cave homes have a waterfall and are the highest quality house. Higher quality styles have more space for furniture.

  • Basic styles: hut, log cabin, brick house
  • Special styles: stone house, cave (materials from jinling)

Trading a home[]

Homeowners can sell their homes. Once the home is put on sale, the furniture in the home is locked. The homeowner cannot take it back.

If the home is not sold in a pre-determined number of days, it will be removed from the market.

Other players can view home sale info in the home interface.

To trade a house you must go to YanJing 321,33 - there will be two NPC

  • the Pay 2 Win npc will sell you any house simply for 5 unbound dings (you can do this only once)
  • the Work 2 Win npc will sell you any house for 10 rare instance drop tokens (personal and bound, SI do not drop them) plus a set of specific materials (from life skills)

Upgrading a Home[]

As long as a home has not exceeded its expansion limit, it can be upgraded and filled with more furniture. Upgrading a home costs Vigor and materials.

Maintaining, visiting or vandalizing a Home[]

A new button, My Home, has been added to the game. As a player gains access to his/her home, he/she can view home information, distribution of homes in the given area, and a list of friends who have permission to visit the home.

A home’s durability depends on the home style and level. If the durability reaches 0 a countdown of 30 days will start. If the durability remains 0 during these 30 days the house and everything in it will be lost permanently and the home location can be claimed by someone else. If the house was cleaned at least once the countdown will reset to 30 days.

The durability decreases as time goes by (for example a house can have a 2000 durability, which decreases by 4 points per hour) or if the house is vandalized: Player who do not have permission to enter someone’s home can pick a lock to enter that home. An uninvited guest can vandalize a home by spilling dirty water on the floor, lowering its durability.

To increase the durability the house must be cleaned by other players (you cannot clean it yourself) or by a cleaning NPC (cheapest one is 2 points/hour for 3 days for a price of 10L). A homeowner can grant a friend the permission to visit and clean his/her home. This permission can be revoked at any time.Once the permission is granted, the friend may visit the home and clean it to improve its durability.

Home Benefits & Functions[]

Homes offer benefits on their on plus additional ones depending on the furniture placed, the Feng Shui level achieved and hired servants (NPC).

Once you are at your home you can access the Function Mode and a Placement Mode. In Function Mode, players can view home attributes, visit the furniture shop, make furniture, hire servants and leave the home. In placement mode, players can view and place furniture.


Players can place furniture wherever they want. Some pieces of furniture even have special functions. Some pieces of furniture require a certain home level for their placement. When you get a piece of furniture, you must right-click it in the backpack to put it into the warehouse before placing it in your home.

House owners can

  • spend unbound liang for temporary furniture (1 gold furniture costs 70 liang and 1 jade furniture costs 1d. For example golden furniture will provide a 30 minutes cultivation conversion buff while jade will provide a 50 minutes buff (12h cooldown for player and 6h cooldown for furniture).
  • use life skill materials to make furniture at the furniture workshop.
Target Function Operation
Furniture Selected Left click
Furniture Uncheck Right click/Esc
Furniture Move Move cursor
Furniture Spin Ctrl
Furniture Furniture Function Interface Right click the furniture
Character Camera Angle Press and hold right click
Character Move WASD

Furniture types[]

  • Furniture: beds, couches, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Decorative pieces: Flowers, paintings, etc.

Furniture Function[]

If the house durability is below 50% all house function effects will be reduced by 2/3, for example the cultivation conversion buff will shorten from 50 minutes to 18.

Other (invited) players can use all house furniture functions, but they cannot enter the new world from someone's house. They will get a skill to restore 10 house durability, 4h cooldown.

Left-click the furniture to open the function menu and select the option you want:

  • Conventional function: Sit, sleep, and bathe
  • Decorative function: For decoration only
  • Lighting function: Lighting
  • Display function: Collect items, weapons and equipment
  • Cultivation & Skill function: provides cultivation skill boost (300% for 50 min)
  • Travel function: a home is a safe area teleport (must be out of combat and events, need time to cast) that has no cooldown. When you leave a house there are 3 options:
    • enter the new world (if you own that house, can only enter the north or west region)
    • return to where you were before
    • spawn outside the house entrance
  • Manufacturing function: make equipment

Hire servants[]

Players can hire servants, so that they can recover home attributes, synthesize equipment, and reset equipment attributes.

Home Feng Shui[]

Homes have an attribute called Feng Shui. Players can adjust Feng Shui by arranging furniture. Proper placement of furniture will offer buffs, while improper placement will result in debuffs.