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Impart Knowledge is a daily event that converts the participants' Experience into Cultivation Points. The participants will also gain Credits that can be exchanged for items.


This event is available daily during the following times:

Server time
07:30 - 09:00 13:30 - 15:00 19:30 - 21:00

How to participate[]

To participate, the player must talk to a School Instruction Administrator while the event is active and in its Preparation Period. Everyone can join the event in Chengdu and Luoyang, but school areas will only allow their own disciples to join.

NPC Scene Coordinates  
Chengdu (836,673)
Luoyang (1310,404)
Shaolin (861,442)
Wudang (493,279)
Emei (631,305)
Beggar's Sect (529,414)
Scholars (658,294)
Tangmen (1064,-21)
Royal Guards (248,-74)
Wanderer's Valley (142,-40)
Ming Cult (-234,-173)
Tianshan Sect (1281,352)

Impart Knowledge

A button input prompt during Impart Knowledge in Chengdu.

When the Preparation Period ends, the Drill Period begins and the participants will receive button input prompts to convert Experience. After 10 rounds of button inputs are done, the Drill Period ends and Preparation Period starts again. This cycle repeats eight times while the event is available.

Players can keep using the event to convert their Experience until their daily progress bar hits 100%. VIP players will fill their progress bar 4 times faster than non-VIP.


Credits are a currency earned from participating in Impart Knowledge. A maximum of 60 Credits can be earned daily. They can be exchanged for items at the School Instruction Administrator. All items are bound.

Item Usage Cost  
Reward the Righteous and Punish Evil Order Can be exchanged with other NPCs. 10
Infiltrate and Investigate Use during Spy Mission to gain 5 intelligence. 15
Heart-Comfort Pill +5% Experience conversion boost (2 hours). 10
Chiyu Pill +20% Cultivation speed boost (1 hour). 25
Chengwu Pill +5% Cultivation in Practice Martial Arts (5 min). 30
Jingwu Pill +20% Cultivation in Practice Martial Arts (5 min). 90
Rough Xiaolian Pill +4% Team Practice fatigue. 15
Copper Treasure Treasure with random stats. 20
Silver Treasure Treasure with random stats. 60
Gold Treasure Treasure with random stats. 300