Age of Wushu Wiki

Age of Wushu is a mostly consensual PvP world in so far as that a player can chose any time to be protected or participate in PvP and there are harsh consequences if another player does not respect this. To select if one wants to fight or be under "Novice Protection" or whom one wants to be able to attack click at the little icon left to the player face (top left of the screen).

Gaining Infamy[]

Infamy is based on attacking and killing player in certain conditions:

  • being at normal infamy status and attacking and then knocking out another player in a fight that is not consensual or a player that is not a criminal gains one 400 infamy (additional 50 infamy if you proceed to kill)
  • being at "criminal" infamy status and attacking knocking out another player in a fight that is not consensual or a player that is not a criminal gains one 600 infamy (additional 50 infamy if you proceed to kill)
  • Attacking and killing a criminal will increase the infamy by very little.

A special case is afk botting: if the system thinks it found you botting while afk it will give you an infamy score above 2000 (but no murderer title) and place you in jail until you reboot your PC and log back in.

Infamy wont rise or only little if one

  • challenging another player of similar strength to a duel (3-5 ranks lower will result in infamy)
  • fights in an Arena (one can create a "Random Arena" anywhere), Guild Wars, Assassins, Battlefield
  • defending yourself when attacked by another player outside of arenas etc
  • kidnapping another player
  • Spying and patrolling in school grounds lead to the fight and kill

Infamy Score and Decay/Reduction[]

Every player has an infamy score visible in the "identity" window. Depending on the infamy score the avatar's name can change color:

  • Orange: 0-1999 Infamy, normal status
  • Red: 2000-7999 Infamy, criminal status ("murderer")
  • Purple: 8000+ Infamy, criminal status

Infamy below 8000 will be gradually lost over time. Not clear how fast this decrease occurs, contradicting reports of 3 minute decreases infamy by ... 24, 27, 30, 40, 45. Others: infamy based how fast the score decreases:

  • < 2000: 3 minutes = 27
  • > 2000: 3 minutes = 24

Players can make donations to a “Mysterious Old Man” in each city to lower their Infamy as well.

Player at 8000 or above in infamy will not be able to lose infamy over time.


Player that are criminals will be jailed if they have at least 2000 infamy and been killed by

  • another player (special case: a bounty was issued by another player)
  • an NPC or offline-player guard (guards and Patrolling Disciples found in a city, town or school, they attack any player above 2000 Infamy)
  • an NPC assassin (same as guards but they are usually hidden until they attack)
  • an NPC hunter (same as guard but they are in the wilds and attack players with an infamy above 5000)

If the player has a red name he or she is put into normal jail in Jinling, Yanjing, Suzhou, Luoyang or Chengdu until the infamy has dropped to 0. If a player has infamy of 8000 or more then they will be put into death row in Yanjing.

Once in jail a player can

  • chat with his/her guild, friends, and other cell-mates,
  • receive mail but not trade with other players outside of the cell
  • due to the limited space can only do a team practice with themself

Everything including life skills are restricted within the cells. Food can't be eaten while in jail. It is not possible to fight in jail. Cultivation speeds will be slowed down significantly. Items in mail that contain items will not be possible to open so keep this in mind if a message has a timer for item decay on it.

Getting out of Jail[]

Player loose infamy over time - unless placed in death row - and thus will be released eventually:

Hours of Infamy remaining + 2.22 = Hours in jail


A player has an infamy of 3000

3000/800=1.25 hours of infamy

2.22 + 1.25 = 3.47 hours in jail

3.47*60 = 208.2 (209) minutes in jail

NOTE: This is only for infamy jailing, not clear if bounty jailings work the same.

Once infamy hits 0 a player is released from jail. There are two simple methods to being released from regular jail faster though:

  • betting bound silver in a little minigame with two choices, big or small, choosing the right one decreases infamy, choosing the wrong one and nothing happens beyond loosing 35 Liang of bound silver
  • pay a certain amount of unbound silver to get out directly

To initiate either talk to the warden.

There is also another method of being released: prison break. A group of 5 friends can come to the jail at which point one has 30 minutes to escape. The NPC guards are easy to beat but other players who are constables can show up and foil any escape...

Death Row[]

Death Row means you will be imprisoned until noon of the next day and then publicly executed (beheaded in the town square) which results in a massive debuff on cultivation.

Before being decapitated a player in death row may bribe the Prison Guards and hope they will find a replacement for them.

Player can still attempt a prison break from death row by gathering 5 friends, however, constables will attempt to keep them in jail at all costs.

Recognizing Constables and Criminals[]


Constables have a blue chain circling their body while a criminal can be identified by a red sword circling their body.