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Defeating other players outside friendly duels and open-PvP events will increase Infamy. Infamy will not increase during self-defense situations. Gaining Infamy can result in being punished by the player's school, receiving a bounty, being unable to join certain schools, being attacked by NPCs, and getting jailed. If the player is male, Infamy will increase the chance of receiving an invitation to join the Rootless Clan.

The player's own Infamy can be viewed in the Character Attributes menu (default hotkey C).

Criminal Status[]

The player's Infamy affects their criminal status, which is indicated by their name's color.

Infamy Name Color Consequences
0 White
1 – 1,999 Orange
  • The player's enemies can place a Silver Taels bounty on the player.
2,000 – 7,999 Red
  • The player's enemies can place a Silver Taels bounty on the player.
  • Dying will send the player to jail.
8,000 – 10,000 Purple
  • The player's enemies can place a Silver Taels bounty on the player.
  • Dying will send the player to death row.
  • The player can't lose Infamy over time.

Gaining Infamy[]

The amount of gained Infamy depends on the player's current Infamy. The upper limit for Infamy is 10,000.

Current Infamy Action Gained Infamy
Infamy < 2,000 Seriously wound a player. +400
Infamy ≥ 2,000 Seriously wound a player. +600
Any Kill a seriously wounded player. +50

If the system thinks the player is botting, the player will gain an Infamy score of 2,000 and instantly places the character in jail.

Losing Infamy[]

The player will passively lose Infamy over time while online. The passive reduction is disabled while Infamy is greater than 8,000. Alternatively, the player can reduce their Infamy with the following methods:

  • Make a donation to the Mysterious Old Man found in each city.
  • Give money to another player who is using the Beggar Life Skill.
  • Gamble with the Warden NPC (only available while jailed).
  • Participate in the Dharma Chant event.



If the player dies while having a bounty or while their Infamy is between 2,000 to 8,000, they will be sent to the nearest jail in Chengdu, Suzhou, Jinling, or Luoyang. While jailed, the player cannot use Life Skills or Cultivation Pills, and must wait in the jail cell until their infamy drops down to 0. Players with the purple name (8,000+ Infamy) will be sent to death row instead of the normal jail cell.

Gambling with the Warden[]

The jailed player can spend 65L Silver Coins Silver Coins to gamble with the Warden NPC. If the player wins, Infamy will be reduced by 500. This option is only available once per jail sentence.

Bribing the Warden[]

The jailed player can spend Silver Taels Taels to bribe the Warden NPC and get out of jail immediately. This option will not reduce the player's Infamy.


A group of five Close Friends can come help jailbreak the criminal. After the friends arrive, the player will have 30 minutes to escape by defeating the Guard NPCs, but other players may show up and foil the escape.

Death Row[]

When a player with more than 8,000 Infamy dies, they will sent to death row in Yanjing. During death row, the player will be imprisoned until noon of the following day and then publicly beheaded in the town square. The beheaded person receives a 24-hour debuff that allows anyone to attack the player without consequences.

Before being decapitated, the player can try to bribe the Warden and hope they will find a replacement. Jailbreak is possible while in death row.