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Intimacy (not to be confused with Master-Student Intimacy) is a points system for Friends and Close Friends. The Intimacy points are required to form an Oath of Friendship and Marriage.

Total Intimacy can be viewed in the Social Menu next to each player's name (red heart icon). Individual Intimacy can be viewed by clicking My Jianghu (default hotkey G), selecting a friend, and hovering over the red heart icon.


Send Gift[]

Send Gift

The gifting button in the Social Menu.

The following gifts increase Intimacy and can be purchased from the Social Menu.

Item Individual Intimacy Cost
Suet White Jade +100 Silver Coins 300 Liang
Daisy +10 Silver Coins 20 Liang
Lucky Pendant +5 Silver Coins 10 Liang
Famous Painting +5 Silver Coins 10 Liang


Activity Individual Intimacy
Foreign Rare Treasure Map +5
Normal Escort Mission (one) +10