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Age of Wushu- How to Use the Backpack Counter

The inventory in the game is represented by the backpack of the player as well as the backpack counter which is similar to a bank.

The player backpack is has 18 slots each for the item categories of

  • Equipment
  • Goods (consumables and Life Skill tools)
  • Materials (for crafting)
  • Tasks (Quest items)

Player Made Expansions[]

The backpack can be expanded temporarily by purchasing bags and crates that are placed into the two bottom expansion slots. The bags and crates are available from player Tailor and Craftsmen but last only 720 hours (30 days).

Cash Shop Expansions[]

The Cash shop ingame sells bags and crates as well for gold currency. These give 24 extra slots for their respective category (each bag or slot can be placed only into its category, not into a expansion slot). If the time of such a bag or slot runs out the items in it become inaccessible until the bag or item is reactivated. This is done by paying Taels, the cash-shop currency converted from gold (10 gold cost $3, 1 gold converts into , reactivating an expansion bag or crate costs 350 Tael).