Age of Wushu Wiki

The Item Prayer is a game mechanic that allows players to gamble Silver Taels 20L for a slim chance to win a Jianghu Internal Skill Fragment.

Heartfelt Prayer[]

The Heartfelt Prayer doesn't cost anything and VIP players can use it once a day to randomly gain one of the following items:

1x 250% Experience Conversion Pill (1 hour)
1x 10,000 Chi Pill
1x 2,000 Cultivation Points Pill

Sky Lantern Prayer[]

The Sky Lantern Prayer costs Silver Taels 20L and does not require VIP subscription. Each Prayer will give the player 1,000 Chi and one of the following rewards:

Chance Item
Common 1-2x Wishing Knot Bound
1x 10,000 Chi Pill Bound
1x 2,000 Cultivation Points Pill Bound
1x Target's Portraits Unbound
1x Mask: Show the Tail but Hide the Head Bound
Rare 5x Wishing Knot Bound
1x Daughter's Wine Unbound
1x Craftsman Workbench (Level 1) Unbound
1x Poison Toad Fragment Unbound
1x Ice Heart Code Fragment Unbound
1x Chaotic Yuan Fragment Unbound
1x Purple Rosy Clouds Fragment Unbound