Age of Wushu Wiki
                                            Jade Flute Sword
Master:            Weapon: Single Sword              4th Martial skill set     Skill set attribute: Soft  
Brief Description: Restraint in group fighting
Environment with cultivation bonus:
Cloud Fill the Heart
Description: Your sword chi surges and a falling strike deals (102~109)(+4)(+0) points of Soft damage. (For a total of 1 hits, each does about 110 points of damage) This puts the enemy under the Cloud Heart state, reducing their movement speed.
Weapon                  Type           Range          CD            IF Cost           Max Lvl
Single Sword          Overt                                  2.0s                30
Xiao Shi Rides A Dragon
Description: A charging movement of three consecutive stabs dealing (253~260)(+7)(+0) points of soft damage. (For a total of 3 hits, each hit does about 88 points of damage) This movement also adds the Cloud Heart state to the target, reducing their movement speed.
Weapon                  Type                Range         CD            IF Cost        Max Lvl
Single Swrd            Overt Charge                          6.0s                30
Golden Sound And Jade Vibration
Description: To execute the ultimate Jade Flute skill, sher your weapon until it emits a sound wave, which echoes between your targets. Targets are stunned for 1 seconds and cannot use flying skill for 2 seconds. At most, this echo continues for 5 rounds.
Weapon              Type            Range           CD          IF Cost           Max Lvl
Single Sword                           20 meters        20.0s           30
Echo Over Tower
Description: Deal (74~81)(+4)(+0) points of Soft damage. (For a total of 1 hits, each does about 82 points of damage) If this attack breaks the targets parry, they will be paralyzed)
Weapon             Type          Range           CD          IF Cost         Max Lvl
Single Sword      Feint                                 2.0s               30
Clear Voice Beyond The Mountain
Description: Discard irrelevent thoughts and purify your min. When you successfully parry, you will gain the Clear Sound state, This state can be stacked up to 15 times, at which point you can cancel the Golden Spear and Jade Vibration cooldown period. It can be cleared every 15 seconds.
Weapon                   Type         Range        CD       IF Cost        Max Lvl
Single Sword            Block                            1.0s          15
Oar In Midstream
Description: Create a protection screen of sound for 16 seconds. Targets within screen lose HP repeatedly.
Weapon              Type          Range         CD          IF Cost           Max Lvl
Single Sword                                              20.0s           15
Phoenix Song
Description: The sword of Sir Jade Flute rises, cutting the air and whistling as it goes to deal (720~727)(+8)(+9)(+0) points of Soft damage to surrounding enemies. (For a total of 11 hits, each hit does about 67 points of damage) The sound wave vexes the enemies' ears, putting them into the Bewildered state. Under the state, their attack power is reduced, and if they press a movement direction button(up, down, left or right) their commands will become confused. If airborne while struck, enemies will be grounded.
Weapon               Type        Range      CD        Rage       Max Lvl
Single Sword        Rage                         10.0s         50