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Jianhu Hermit

Jianghu Hermit in Chengdu.

Jianghu Hermit's Trial is a daily event wherein the NPC challenges the player to a duel.


The event is available every day during 01:00 - 23:00 server time, and can be done once per day.

How to participate[]

The event is available to everyone. To participate, the player must first talk to Jianghu Hermit in one of the following locations:

NPC Scene Coordinates  
Jianghu Hermit Chengdu (857,670)
Luoyang (1293,433)

The player will be asked to meditate for one minute before a duel with the Jianghu Hermit begins. The NPC uses the Dragon Claw set. He has no ranged attacks, but his HP is high enough to make the fight difficult for beginners. The trial ends when the NPC or the player is defeated.


After meditating for a minute, the player will receive a 100% Cultivation Speed buff (1 hour). The player will also receive an item box reward, affected by the outcome of the duel. The item is mailed to the player.

Enlightenment Gift Box
1x 200% Cultivation Speed Pill (1 hour)
1x 350% Experience Conversion Pill (1 hour)
Persistence Gift Box
1x 100% Cultivation Speed Pill (1 hour)
1x 250% Experience Conversion Pill (1 hour)