The Jianghu prayer system allows players to expend coins(bound), tael(unbound) or vigor in order to gains buffs for themselves and their recipients. These buffs can be activated when necessary at a later time.


To view the prayer menu click the second icon located in the top left of the Juanghu screen. A screenshot of the Jianghu screen is provided below.

Jianghu screenshot

Jinaghu Prayer Screenshot

Friends or close friends are the only available choices in the drop down menu to send prayers to. Alternatively, you may type a person's (whether they are friends, close friends, or not) in game name into the box. Each additional person chosen as a receipient increases the cost of the prayer by the amount posted for the prayer.

To activate a prayer click on the Blessing gained tab, check mark the prayer via the checkmark on the left side of the window and press activate prayer.

Prayer Buff TypesEdit

Prayer buffs range from increasing base HP by 60 for 10 minutes to increasing breath by 16 for 20 minutes for combat buffs. 

Prayer informationEdit

The cost of praying ranges from 1 Liang 500 Wen when choosing Brilliance to 35 Liang for Comprehension.

The amount of money or energy for a buff is not the same across the board either. The Body Building prayer requires 4 Liang however when choosing to pay with vigor it requires only 10 energy. Whereas Brilliance requires 1 Liang 500 Wen and yet choosing to pay with vigor requires twice as much for 20 energy.

Only one blessing can be active at a time.

A prayer blessing is given to the sender as well.

Prayer Costs
Prayer Name Coin Cost Energy Cost Tael Cost
Lord Of War 2 Liang 450 Wen 13 2 Liang 970 Wen
Yide's Roar 2 Liang 70 Wen 11 2 Liang 259 Wen
Valiant Might 2 Liang 825 Wen 15 3 Liang 78 Wen
Gift of Speed 2 Liang 635 Wen 14 2 Liang 874 Wen
Attack and Defense 2 Liang 635 Wen 14 2 Liang 874 Wen
Swift Recovery 2 Liang 353 Wen 15 2 Liang 565 Wen
Walk Amongst the Gods 4 Liang 140 Wen 15 5 Liang 518 Wen
Leap to the Moon 2 Liang 450 Wen 13 2 Liang 670 Wen
Brilliance 1 Liang 500 Wen 20 4 Liang 500 Wen
Body Building 4 Liang 10 960 Wen
Comprehension 35 Liang 50 9 Liang
Vison of Paradise 15 Liang 80 36 Liang
Capricious Spirit 4 Liang 20 4 Liang 500 Wen

Prayer Descriptions
Prayer Name In-game Description
Lord Of War Guan Yu was one of the greatest Han Dynasty heros, a powerful noble man.
Yide's Roar Standing on the Changban Bridge with a murderous look and glaring eyes Zhang Yide roar frightened Xia Houjie to death making it famous around the world. When in danger, use the blessing of Zhang Yide to fighten your enemies.
Valiant Might Zhangxiu betrayed Cao Cao while Dian Wei fought against many soldiers. General Dian has great power. If you can gain his blessing, your skill's power will increase.
Gift of Speed Nie Zheng broke into the Prime Minister's Residence by himself and then killed the Prime Minister of the Han Kingdom. He's worthy of the title assassin. Venerate him to increase Critical Hit and Evasion.
Attack and Defense "Panther Head" Lin Chong served as a martial arts instructor for the Imperial Guards before becoming an outlaw of Liangshan. He excels at both offense and defense so it would be advantageous to obtain his help in battle.
Swift Recovery Hua Tuo was respected for his expertise in surgury and anesthesia. Unfortunately, his great works were destroyed. Hua Tuo specialized in all kinds of medical skills. If you have any internal or external wounds, turn to him for help.
Walk Amongst the Gods Dai Zong is nicknamed "Magic Traveler", mysteriously traveling up to 8 miles in one day.
Leap to the Moon Chu Liuxiang is a thief who upholds justice by robbing the rich to help the poor. He's nicknamed "Chief Thief". Pray to him ot get a flying skill buff.
Brilliance Great Blaacksmith Gongshu Pan can make hidden devices and seige weapons alike. Legendary Craftsman Lu Ban can make various types of living tools. Acknowledge him as your Shifu, and you can raise your Life Skill proficiency.
Body Building Wudang founder Immortal Zhang wandered around the world for self-cultivation. You can add energy by praying to him.
Comprehension Zhuge Liang was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is often recognized as the greatest strategist of his era. Pray to him to increase Experience conversion rate.
Vison of Paradise You cannot kill players during the initial period of time after first starting the game, though they may kill you. You must first use a certain amount of Life Skills to trigger the effect. Once the effect is triggered, you will enter a protective state, during which other players cannot kill you.
Capricious Spirit The Drunken Divinator can read signs in heaven to discern earthly events. As the Living Buddha Jigong, worshipping him can increase gain of proficiency for marketplace professions (beggars and divinators).
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