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Jingling Incident

Entrance:Jinling (1041,1957)

Strength Required:Astound the World, Tier Four Internal Skill Level 45


The East Chamber Master, after years of patiently plotting to overthrow the emperor, is finally putting his plan into motion. You are entrusted with a mission at a critical moment. Can you resolve the crisis with Xing Junke?


1. The rebellion has begun. Stay alive to complete the quest. Xing Junke takes you to Jinling City via a waterway. Once ashore, he wants you to go to the Ministry of War to expose the rebel. Along the way, you collect keepsakes from fallen soldiers as a way to honor them. Find Wang Junyi and gain trust from the defending generals. You then learn that Wang Junyi is the rebel. Defeat him. 2. Upon receiving the news that emperor is in danger from Wang Junyi, you hastily make your way to the imperial palace. When you arrive, you thwart Du Gu’s attempt to assassinate the crown prince.

3. The assassin is dead. You are informed that the rebels are attacking Jinling City from four directions. You must assist the defending generals. The Eunuch General Manager nearby will send you to one of the front lines. You will assist Zhang Zhen, Pan Fei, Ye Jun and Zhang Peng to eliminate the rebels. Each path leads to five enemy strongholds.

4. After defeating the rebels, you find that the East Chamber Master has gone to the Celestial Hall, with the intention of kidnapping the crown prince. With your presence, the East Chamber will not succeed!

5. You save the prince but not the emperor, who is besieged at Mochou Imperial Palace. The Eunuch General Manager sends you to rescue the emperor, who is held by the Heavenly Robe Clan. Defeat their leader Su Honghong, and save the emperor Zhu Di.

6. Meanwhile, the Ten Ultimates are about to have their duels in imperial arena as a show of their individual strengths. Ye Jinglou, Elder Huadi (Worm King Valley Leader), Wo Weihuang (Blade Sharpening Hall Young Master), Zhuo Bei (Wala Teacher), Xing Junke, Mo Wuqing and Elder Shi Que are all present. Get to the Tournament Platform using the Flying Skill to join in!

7. Elder Shi Que takes Ye Jinglou down with a sneak attack. It is now up to you to accept his challenge. Shi Que’s defeat at your hands infuriates Elder Huadi, who reanimates the corpses of three of the Ten Ultimates – Yan Shuangxing, Chu Xiao and Mu Shuzi – to fight you. You must defeat them and Elder Huadi.

8. Amid the chaos, Wo Weihuang gravely wounds Zhuo Bei, and moves on towards the palace. Protect the emperor against this usurper!


  • Martial Merit Token
  • He Family Jade Fragment (Used to exchange for Elder Tier 5

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