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As seen in Offline system, the rewards to collect are many for an offline toon. So are the risks: offline characters are susceptible to being Kidnappings from other players by selling them into an employment they cannot take benefit from.

How to Kidnap[]

Knockout Powders[]

Players need to have knockout powders on them. They can be purchased from a General Store Owner. The more expensive the powder is, the higher the chance of success at knocking out the target.

Find a Target[]

Kidnappers should look for an offline player. They can be identified by their character name which is usually a white text opposed to NPC names being green. They would be doing some NPC job, such as sweeping, patrolling, performing in a square, shouting about a shop, etc. To be noted, however, that the stronger the target is, the lower the chances would be of knocking them out; using expensive sedatives will increase your chance to knock out high level players.

After finding the target, players use knockout powders. There are two ways to do this:

  • Targeting the offline player and then click the powder.
  • Right-clicking their avatar, selecting the 'Kidnap' option then click on the powder

If the powder worked, they will become dizzy and then turn into a large black bag that can be picked up. However, if it failed, the kidnapper will be paralyzed for 1 minute. There are no other lasting negative consequences (i.e. no debuff). Players can simply try again after that minute.

Kidnapper Sack[]

While having a kidnapped player over their shoulder, kidnappers movement speed decreases, and they gain a purple icon over their head. In this state, they can be attacked by literally any online player they come across who may either attempt to rescue the player and earn 1 Good Point or steal the sack. As such, it is strongly recommended to kidnap someone while other players are not around and/or travel in a secluded path (i.e. swimming in lakes).

Most owners of establishments (brothels, inns, taverns, shops, etc.) would be willing to buy from kidnappers. To make the deal, players simply have to talk to those NPCs. To find the NPC, open up Missions (default N), select Jianghu, then Kidnap, then look over the city/town Exchange Area. The price they get will depend on a variety of stats and factors. Selling a slave to a store with few workers will increase your rewards.

Between 17:00 ~ 23:00 (5:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM) Server Time, players can sell kidnapped victims to the Darkminded Trafficker. When speaking to him at this time, he asks for a player from a certain school; this varies by city/town and resets every day. If kidnappers bring him the wrong disciple, he will reject it and remind them what he wants. If kidnappers successfully sell such a player to him, he will give them certain rewards, worth quite a bit more than the usual kidnapping rewards got from selling to other NPCs.


Kidnapping Limitations[]

There are several limitations to kidnapping:

  • Players cannot be sold back to the establishment which they were kidnapped from.
  • Certain NPCs only accept the victim based on their gender.
  • Certain offline jobs prevent the player from being kidnapped (i.e. School Disciple).
  • Kidnapped players cannot be transported outside the region they were kidnapped from (i.e. someone cannot be kidnapped in Luoyang then sold in Chengdu).
  • A sold player cannot be kidnapped until their debuff goes away. However, it is not possible to rescue someone and then kidnap them right after.
  • After selling, the kidnapper gains a debuff that prevents them from selling another victim for an hour. The player can still kidnap, but they cannot do anything with the victim. This is to prevent abuse.

Consequences of being Kidnapped[]

After being kidnapped, the victim will gain a debuff that robs them and prevents them from gaining further offline earnings for six hours, starting from after the player was sold and will still go down while the player is offline.

To get rid of the debuff, either wait for it to go away or pay it off with Silver Currency. However, the more stronger the victim is, the more it will cost. Alternatively, while the victim is offline, other players can pay for the victim's freedom by right-clicking their avatar and select 'Rescue'; if they do so, they will earn 1 Good point.

If a player is Kidnapped, they can redeem themselves when they log back on by going to System options, then End game and if they have been kidnapped along the bottom of it it should say redeem. If you can afford the redeeming cost the debuff is automaticly removed.

Greedy Human Trafficker Event[]

The Greedy Human Trafficker is an event that takes place Monday through Friday at various cities. The Greedy Human Trafficker will buy any offline kidnapped victim regardless of profession. Note that this event is meant for VIPs only. VIPs will get unbound money as a reward as opposed to bound money for Non-VIPs.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
20:00-22:00 Jinling Chengdu Yanjing Luoyang Suzhou
Location 1664, 1037 767, 471 235, 132 1150, 722 453, 744

Kidnapping VIP vs Non-VIP[]

Number of Kidnaps Non-VIP




1 1 L (exactly) 12.5 L (max)
2 2 L (exactly) 13.5 L (max)
3 3 L (exactly) 14.5 L (max)
4 4 L (exactly) 15.5 L (max)
5 5 L (exactly) 16.5 L (max)
6 5 L (exactly) 17.5 L (max)
7 5 L (exactly) 19.5 L (max)
8 5 L (exactly) 21 L (max)
9 5 L (exactly) 22.5 L (max)
10 5 L (exactly) 24.5 L (max)

Source: Age of Wushu Forums[1] (Outdated Source?)

Note that this only applies to unbound kidnapping times!

Other Advantages of VIP Other Disadvantages of Non-VIP
Can earn unbound money from Greedy Human Trafficker Event Only bound money, 20 L, will be earned from Greedy Human Trafficker Event

Why am I not able to sell my kidnapped victim?[]

Because you are carrying the maximum capacity of money you can hold. If your unbound money isn't maxed but your bound money is maxed, you will not be able to sell your kidnapped victim! To remedy this, buy something with your bound money.

Further sources[]

For a more in-depth guide written by Snail team themselves, click here.


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