Age of Wushu Wiki
Reaper's Rage
Viciously hurl a dart at a target, dealing 58-58 points of external damage. (1 hit) (For this move you can charge up
your energy for added effect)
Weapon: Dart             CD: 2 seconds           Energy: 30
Rip the Heart
The clever fox has many burrows, slipping in and out of them with easy. A stab attack in which you deal 198-205 pointsof external damage then leap away (3 hits). This movement can be usedin the air to quickly approach enemies.
Weapon: dagger          CD: 6 seconds          Energy: 30
Hunt the Soul
deal 164-164 points of external damage (3 hits) by throwing 3 darts.
The attack deals extra damage with each stack of Wronged ghost.
Weapon: Dart             CD: 6 seconds           Energy: 30
Wicked Spirit Blocks the Way
Hurl the Gunpowder Trap, which has a five meter area of effect and causes enemies who wall into it to suffer explosion damage.
Enemies within the trap suffers continuous damage, and if they are debuffedwith the Wrong Ghost state, they suffer even greater damage per stack.Using hidden weapons of this set afterwards will add the Scald effectto them for added damage. The trap lasts for 20 seconds and has a 20 second
effet once triggered.
CD: 30 seconds        Energy: 15
Soup of Oblivion
The move of ecstasy causes 55-55 points of Yin damage (1 hit) to break thetargets defense. If you break a block with this skill it will add
Poison Gas to the target making them "Unconscious" (the effect is like
dizziness) lasts 3 seconds. Being attacked will interrupt the state of
Weapon: Dart        CD: 10 seconds        Energy: 30
wronged Ghost at Your Feet
Hell King Secret Skill. throw Kerosene Trap. affecting within a 5 meter radius.Paralyze the first target that triggers the trap for 2 seconds and attach damage.In the trap enemies decrease speed continuously by 20%. Enemies will be added"Ghost" state in the trap. Superpose 1 level every second, 20 levels at the
most. (existing 30 seconds after setting the trap, effect will last 30
seconds after triggering the trap)
CD: 30 seconds          Energy: 15
Brush of the Underworld Judge
The rains turn to shooting stats. Shoot at the enemies to deal 385-385 pointsof Yin damage (15 hits) making him rigid. You can move while using this.
Weapon: Dart              CD: 10 seconds            Anger: 50
Record of the Underworld Judge
Its very risky. Blow up all the Explosive Traps set by Wild Ghost Startles theSpirit quickly.
CD: 2 seconds
Rage of the Lost Souls
Frightening move. Set an Explosive Trap. Trigger it manually and cause anexplosive damage to nearby enemies. If not triggered in 30 seconds, it willexplode attomatically. Max: 3
CD: 2 seconds            Energy: 7