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Launch Events

The Launch Events are a series of events that occurred during the launch of Age of Wushu on the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and later Red Phoenix servers.

Event 1: Early Character Creation[]

Duration: April 5–10, 2013
Details: Use the Early Character Creation service to create a character for the New servers and receive a pill to jumpstart your training.
Rewards: Pure Chi Pill (+100% Chi conversion) x 1

Event 2: Pony Up![]

Duration: April 10–21, 2013
Details: Create a new account and receive a free mount to hasten your travels.
Rewards: Dawan Horse (14 days)

Event 3: Jet Li - Fight the World[]

Duration: April 10–28, 2013
Details: Plunder Treasure Boxes in search of rare coins to complete your collections and then redeem them at a local city's Ritual Minister NPC for valuable items. For more information, click here.
Jet Li SetHeavenly Origin Soul Pill x 1
Fight the World Set

Event 4: Quest Challenge[]

Duration: April 10–21, 2013
Details: Accept a Twilight Village Challenge quest from a local city's Ritual Minister NPC (limit 3 per each quest for 1 day) or accept a quest from a starting town’s Provincial Treasurer NPC and learn a Life Skill from the Gathering, Crafting, Culture or Market groups to earn a Life Skill Scripts.
NormalReputation Scroll (5,000 Reputation Points)
HardZichen Pill x 1

Event 5: Online Reward[]

Duration: April 10–24, 2013
Details: Do whatever you want in Age of Wushu! Remain online long enough to improve your rewards, including prized Jianghu Tokens! Redeem Jianghu Tokens at a local city's Event Ambassador NPC in batches of 7, 14, or 21 to receive gift packs.

What is Jianghu Token? Jianghu Token x7, x14, x21 which corresponding to 1, 2, 3 weeks online for every day more than 1 hour 45 minutes, you will be able to exchange gift in "Reward Giving" NPC in all cities, x7 small gift pack, x14 medium gift pack, x21 premium gift pack.

Time PlayedRewards
15 minutes
  • Life Extending Pill x 3
  • Big Spirit Pill x 3
  • Steamed Bun x 2
30 minutesXuan Spirit Pill x 1
60 minutes
  • Nine Hells Soul Taking Powder x 1
  • Carrier Pigeon x 1
  • 50 Liang (Silver Coins)
  • Jianghu Token x 1

Event 6: VIP Daily Reward[]

Duration: April 10–28, 2013
Details: Become a Jianghu VIP! VIP member receive free Reputation, Cultivation and Fashion Clothing.
VIP Bonuses
Daily Reward
Weekly RewardFashion Clothing Set (3 Day)

Event 7: Opening Weekend Log In[]

Duration: April 12–14, 2013
Details: During the time window on the Launch weekend, players will be rewarded for being continuously online for two hours daily.
April 12
April 13
April 14
  • Gold Ingot Revival Pill x 1
  • Small Heaven Undertaking Pill (Gain 50 Experience) x 1

Event 8: Guild Mate[]

Duration: April 10–24, 2013
Details: Join OR Create a Guild and earn rewards.
  • Refined Secret Device Box (7 days) x 1
  • Refined Item Pack (7 days) x 1
  • Refined Storage Box (7 days) x 1
  • Refined Item Box (7 days) x 1

Event 9: New Adventures[]

Duration: April 10–24, 2013
Details: New players participating in events and reaching goals for the first time earn rewards for their bravery and Achievements. Refer to the Table Below for the challenges a beginner should seek.

Event 10: First Topup[]

Duration: April 10–17, 2013
Details: Make your first top up of at least 10 gold and receive a bonus item!
Rewards: Pure Chi Pill x 1

Event 11: Accumulate to the big one[]

Duration: April 10–17, 2013
Details: The more you top up in a single day, the bigger the reward!Achievable daily.
100–199Xuan Spirit Pill x 2

Event 12: Become VIP[]

Duration: April 10–25, 2013
Details: Top up 30 days of VIP and get a bonus!
Rewards: 7 days of VIP