Life Skills are skills that maintain the player-based economy in the game. As such they differ from the combat skills. Life Skills come in four categories:

Every player can have at least one life skill per category (more depends on the player and the category). Life skills can be abandoned and switching to others is possible.

Learning Edit

Life skills have to be learned from a Life Skill Shifu (teacher). For the ones in the Cultural category they can be found in any of the five main cities; for all the others the Life Skill Shifu may also be found in the starter towns. The first learned skill costs 50 Wen silver coins, the others more.

Requirements Edit

To use Life skills, players need:

  • enough Vigor (Physical Strength) points
  • at least one skill-specific tool and in some cases other items in their backpack
  • to have certain recipes learned (especially with Manufacturing skills); basic level recipes can be bought from Life skill Shifus while more advanced ones are to be obtained from Influence Challenges and Forbidden Instances

Practicing Edit

By using Life skills players receive Life Skill experience and their Life Skill will level eventually, unlocking the ability to learn new recipes in the process. However, players can only accumulate a fixed amount of Life Skill experience per day. There is no need to force oneself to reach the daily experience cap as the unused daily experience cap will get carried over to the next day - as long as a player has been online for at least 1 minute.

Players must be sure to accept the
Daily Quest Icon

Daily Quest Icon

daily Life Skill quests from the Apprentice NPC next to the Life Skill Shifu. They will receive a Life Skill experience Letter (thus saving some of their precious Vigor), 25 wen silver coins, 1 point of Experience and some Chi by completing these tasks. Reading these Letters has a 1 minute cooldown time.

Benefits Edit

  • Financial gain (sell the items you make to NPC or other player)
  • Useful items (anything from food to equipment to more exotic items)
  • Performing Life Skills in front of certain NPCs may trigger Random encounters!
  • Players will receive special titles if they're ranked on top (10 ??) in a specific Life Skill.

Unlearning Edit

At any time players can abandon a Life skill but they will have to consider that all learned recipes and & gained life skill experience will not remain once deleted.

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