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Life Skills are skills that maintain the player-based economy in the game. Life Skills come in four categories. Although Herbalist and Poison Maker are categorized as Manufacturing skills, they can gather herbs and poisonous plants, respectively. The Musician and Weiqi Player are the only Life Skills that solely provide combat buffs.

Category Life Skill
Gathering Miner Hunter Farmer Woodcutter Fisherman
Manufacturing Tailor Cook Poison Maker Craftsman Blacksmith Herbalist
Cultural Musician Weiqi Player Calligrapher Painter
Marketplace Beggar DivinatorVIP-ribbon


Life Skills can be learned from a corresponding Life Skill Shifu (teacher NPC), and it costs some Silver Coins Silver Coins. The NPCs can be found in most towns.

The player can learn...

  • all Gathering skills,
  • one Manufacturing skill,
  • one Cultural skill, and
  • all Marketplace skills (Divinator requires VIP).

After leveling a Manufacturing skill to Rank 9, the player can pay Silver Taels 200L to learn a second Manufacturing skill. The primary Manufacturing skill can be leveled up to rank 10, and the secondary Manufacturing skill can be leveled up to rank 9.

Players can abandon a Life Skill at any time. When abandoned, the learned recipes and gained experience points are lost.

Using Life Skills[]

To use Gathering Life Skills, the player will need to have...

To use Manufacturing Life Skills, the player will need to have...

  • learned the necessary recipe,
  • enough Vigor points (recovers daily),
  • a skill-specific tool and any necessary materials.

Leveling up Life Skills[]

Life Skills can be leveled up by collecting enough experience points. The experience points can be gained from...

  • performing Life Skill activities that consume Vigor,
  • playing a minigame with the Shifu NPC (only available to Manufacturing skills),
  • completing a daily item fetch quest.

Players can only accumulate a fixed amount of experience points per day. There is no need to force oneself to reach the daily experience cap as the unused daily experience cap will get carried over to the next day⁠—as long as the player has been online for at least 1 minute.


  • Financial gain (sell the items you make to NPCs or other players).
  • Useful items (anything from food to equipment to more exotic items).
  • Highest ranked Life Skill users can receive temporary titles and identity outfits.