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(Wind-Catching Blade) Lightning Speed Strike
Lightning Speed Strike
(Wind-Catching Blade) Lightning Speed Strike (Description)
School Wanderer's Valley (skill list) Skill Set Wind-Catching Blade
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Double Blade Attack None 8.0 s 7

Your blade's energy is like the wind, and its smashing strike sends enemies flying to deal (53~55)(+2)(5) points Gold of damage. (For a total of 3 hits, each hit does about 20 points of damage.) When the target is under the Shocked state, he will sustain additional soft damage.

Your chi is like searing lightning through the air, cutting through those within an area of effect and banning enemies under the Shocked state from using movements for a short period and causing them to endure additional hard damage.