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"It is said this thing can bring luck."

Luck Token

Luck Token is a bound item that can be exchanged for items.


Egg Breaking Game[]

Main article: Egg Breaking Game

Players have a chance to earn 1, 2, or 5 Luck Tokens for winning the Egg Breaking Game.

Repeatable Task[]

Players can accept the repeatable task "Break Eggs to get Gifts" from Bouncy Girl in Suzhou (320,730). The objective is to win the Egg Breaking Game 10 times with an egg of a specific color. The task reward is 10 Luck Tokens.


Luck Tokens can be exchanged for items at Bouncy Girl in Suzhou (320,730). All items are bound.

Item Cost
Show the Tail but Hide the Head 20x Luck Token
Five Aggregates And Demon-Subduing Item 2x Luck Token
Repairing Tool 1x Luck Token
Jade Hammer 20x Luck Token
Gold Hammer 10x Luck Token
Silver Hammer 5x Luck Token
"Leave the Mortal World" Cloth 30x Luck Token
"Leave the Mortal World" Identity Outfit 100x "Leave the Mortal World" Cloth