Mozi's Sword is a Single Sword martial arts skill set.

Obtaining Edit

Levels 1 to 3 of Mozi's Sword were available in the the Cash Shop for 99 Gold.

Playstyle Edit

Skills Edit

Weapon Type Skill Max Lv Scaling
Single Sword Taiji Overt Mozi's Principle 12 19% Internal Dmg

19% Melee Dmg

Blood Ink Racing 12 33% Internal Dmg

33% Melee Dmg

Two Inks Connected 12 37% Internal Dmg

37% Melee Dmg

Splatter Ink All Over 12 137% Internal Dmg

137% Melee Dmg

Faint Great Way Under Heaven 12 8% Internal Dmg

8% Melee Dmg

Block Celestial Sword 12
Universal Lore 12
Sword Chi of Jianghu 12
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