This is a collection of game's tutorials which will claim players' attention by flipping the cover of the Jianghu Help icon (the '?' marked brown book at the bottom-left of the minimap) at specific milestones during their Age of Wushu adventure, mostly in the beginning. If later on players want to recall any of these tutorials they can do it through the same icon. Novice Guide's content is divided in 11 expandable sections, each containg tutorials buttons.


  • the most recent unread tutorial's button will have a red flickering frame
  • a completed tutorial's button will have a 'tick' to the right of is name
  • a completed section will be marked as 'Completed' to the left of its name

Sections and tutorials are as follows:

Just Entered Jianghu[edit | edit source]

Around The World[edit | edit source]

Jianghu Events[edit | edit source]

Jianghu Relations[edit | edit source]

Wander In the Wild[edit | edit source]

Master Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

Fine arts[edit | edit source]

Wandering In The Marketplace[edit | edit source]

Jianghu Travels[edit | edit source]

Guild Notes[edit | edit source]

Jianghu Disputes[edit | edit source]

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