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Oath of Friendship (also known as Oath of the Peach Garden) is a game mechanic that provides various benefits to 2-6 players who play together. Only VIP players can form the Oath, but it will remain active even after the VIP status expires.


  • The new participants must not have an Oath yet
  • Character Strength ≥ One With Nature
  • All participants must have VIP
  • Intimacy between all participants ≥ 500


  • Normal Oath: Silver Taels 200L per participant
  • Luxury Oath: Silver Taels 1D per participant

Forming the Oath[]

To form the Oath, all participants must join a non-raid team, and the leader of the team must talk to Guan Lan in Chengdu (581,1067). Depending on the type of Oath, the formation costs Silver Taels 200L or Silver Taels 1D per participant. For example, a three-person Normal Oath will cost a total of Silver Taels 600L. The team leader must pay the entire cost.


During Oath formation, participants will get to choose a special title. Like all other titles, these titles are cosmetic only.

Adding a new participant[]

It is possible to add a new participant to an existing Oath of size 5 or smaller. All Oath members must be present and in a team. The new participant must be the team leader and pay Silver Taels 200L or Silver Taels 1D to Guan Hao in Chengdu (567,1070).

Renouncing the Oath[]

The Oath of Friendship can be renounced partially or fully. To renounce an Oath, talk to Guan Hao in Chengdu (567,1070). When dismissing a single person from an Oath, a fee of Silver Taels 100L must be paid. The money will be sent to the dismissed friend.

When the Oath is renounced, all unused Jinlan and Loyalty points will be reset to 0 and the former participants will become unable to initiate Oath Arrays until they form a new Oath with someone. The intimacy value between former participants will be reduced by 500 points.


Players who have formed the Oath can obtain Jinlan and Loyalty Points by participating in activities together. Jinlan Points can be exchanged for cultivation conversion or Oath Array scripts. Loyalty Points can be used to unlock backgrounds for the cosmetic title.

A maximum of 50 Jinlan Points and 420 Loyalty points can be obtained daily.

Activity Jinlan Loyalty
Four Families - Weekly Task (any) 40 104
Forbidden Instance 8 20
Heart of the Devil 4 20
Foreign Rare Treasure Map 4 20
Influence Challenge (any) 2 20
Normal Escort Mission 2 20

Oath Arrays[]

The Oath Arrays are Arrays that only require two participants. The person initiating the Oath Array must be in an active Oath, but the second participant does not need to be in an active Oath. Each Oath Array allows the participants to use a barehanded attack.

Array (Lv. 6) Attack (Lv. 12)
Scorched Earth Earth Extinction Increases the user's Max HP by ~1200. When an array member dies and the array breaks, the teammates within 15 meters gain yellow armor for ?s and the HP buff lingers for ?s. Scorched Earth Attack Deals ?~? external damage to enemies within 8 meters. If unparried, targets are slowed by 50% for 5s.
Falling Star Array Falling Star Increases the user's Accuracy by 15%. Attacked targets gain a stack. After 10 stacks, the target takes extra damage and the stacks reset to 0. Falling Star Array Attack Deals ?~? soft damage to an enemy. Adds an extra stack on target. Increases the user's accuracy by ?% for ?s.
Three Ends Array Three Ends When the user is hit, they gain 30% damage reduction for 5s. After the damage reduction ends, the user gain 30% damage reflection for 5s. Cannot be triggered again for 30s. Three Ends Array Attack Deals 508~513 external damage to enemies within 5 meters. If unparried, knocks back and paralyzes the targets for 2 seconds.
Blade Net Array Blade Net The user's attacks have a 30% chance to inflict a stack: slows down the target by 5% for 15s. If the target uses a flying skill, an additional stack is added. At 12 stacks, the target is paralyzed for 3s and receives continuous damage for 8s. When the effect is over, the target becomes immune to the stacks for 20s. Blade Net Array Attack Deals ?~? yang damage to targets within 15 meters. If unparried, a stack is added to targets.
Searching and Killing Array Searching and Killing Reduces Critical Hit damage received 16%. When a target is seriously wounded, the user's Critical Hit rate is increased by 3% and Critical Hit damage is increased by 6% for 14s (cannot be stacked). Searching and Killing Array Attack Deals ?~? external damage to a target within 15 meters. If unparried, the target is pulled towards the user.