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The Offline System offers rewards for those that need to disconnect, but it also enables a game feature - Kidnapping (and related actions) - for those online.

In the game player might see characters with different colors of names performing actions. Some of them are genuine NPC but others are avatars of players who are offline.

Genuine NPC Avatar, Offline Player Avatar, Online Player
Offline player
Online player
Green Name White Name, no Icons White Name, Icons

Player can select the avatars' offline personality and get to know genuine NPC as well as develop relationships with those (getting to know them and becoming romantically involved - though the latter connections are strictly limited to strictly ones).

Types of offline occupations[]

The 'occupation' players take on while they are offline depends upon the location they sign-out.

Towns and Outposts[]

When walking into a town or an outpost, there are a lot of genuine NPCs to interact with: Bankers, Blacksmiths, Café owners, etc. In addition, one can see occasional street performers dancing and breathing fire in a square, maybe a servant sweeping the steps of a tavern, or even another patrolman walking the streets. Offline player in a town can take on one of these mentioned roles. They are assigned randomly and the number of offline jobs is limited though so if no positions are available it might be useful to log out in another scene.


If player log out on school grounds they can become disciples working to teach, clean or protect the area. The latter includes being guards or becoming Patrolling Disciples. During Spying events, other players have to succeed against both offline as well as online patrolling avatars (with the strength and levels that these avatars have cultivated). This can prove a lot more difficult than trying to spy around normal NPC patrols.

Successfully chasing off spies while offline yield its own rewards and bonuses presented when the player logs back in.

Offline stall


Offline player in the wilds can gather items or be peddlers etc.

VIP player

Players with VIP status also have the option to open stalls and sell goods they looted, gathered or manufactured while they were online; they can even keep training skills (Internal Cultivation) during that time


Offline life
Offline reward

Being offline isn’t just having their character do something. When players log off their avatar can continue to work for them, collecting experience, recover nutrition and health and even gain items until they return. When they log back in, the rewards that they have earned from the tasks (based upon the amount of time they performed that duty) will be available for collection.

The rewards are either automatic from their offline profession or other (online) player can give offline player a tip. Online player can save avatars of offline player that were kidnapped and forced into labor as well.

Some of the interactions that player avatar have while offline can even trigger Random Encounters when they log back in.