The Palace of Shifting Flowers is a female only faction. Its only set is Seven Skills of the Flower Goddess.

Getting to the Palace of Shifting Flowers scene Edit

The Palace scene can be accessed by all players, but only females with a quest involving the palace may walk past a certain point. To trigger the event that starts the quest needed to access this scene, one must

  1. Go to Suzhou
  2. Travel along the road from Scholars' scene (there should be a mini-instance slightly south of the road)
  3. After travelling along the road a few times, a short cinematic with a woman in white should play.

You may now begin the quest to enter the Palace.

Random Encounter Through Mail:

There are 4 possible items that can be obtained through the mail system. Your character must be strongly aligned with the Lunatic symbol (Good points > Evil points OR Confidence points > Good points).

Advice: Be sure you roam near the brothels or the inn in Chengdu, whereas two NPCs are associated with the Palace of Shifting Flowers. They cannot be bribed but keep close or travel nearby each day.

1) Recommendation Letter (bound item): Run around Chengdu to find Palace Maidens and gain access to ferry that carries you to the scene. (Item will expire in time, but task will remain)

2) Blood-Written Letter (bound item): Save a prostitute from Chengdu's brothel and return her freedom. (Item will be expired if retrieved from mail, but task will remain)

3) Box (bound materials):

4) Box (unbound materials):

Palace of Shifting Flower's Internal Skill-play Edit

The inner effect of Palace of Shifting Flowers is based around dodging.

Clear Jade Divine Skill

Anticipating an Attack: When attacked there is a 50% chance to increase Evasion by 20% for 11 seconds. 26 second cooldown. Grafting: Evading an attack restores 5% HP and increases the damage for your next attack by 60%. 4 second cooldown.

Recommended meridians are Tangmen + NianLuo Ba and Emei + Water Palace, giving an additional +586 evasion stat. Avoid Wudang + Ancient Tomb meridians if you want to build a defense routine; shaolin + Dharma will be good, along with Beggars + Changfeng for damage reduction. Royal Guards + Blood Blade are also recommended if you want to increase your parrying capabilities.

  • Gears recommended: Tier 7 (Jade) Shield set or Tier 7 Evasion set.
  • Max out Dexterity, Breath, Stamina. Focus less on Spirit, while maintain Brawn to a good amount.
  • Best used with internal based sets: Buddha Palm (cash set), Golden Diamond Soft Palm (Emei set), Guxi Daggers, Phantom Daggers (Colorful Daggers), 9-Palace Swordplay (cash set), Shocking Snow Stings (Water Palace 2nd set), Departing Stings (Emei stinger set), and 7 Techniques of the Glower Goddess (Grafting: helps prevent damage from touching your health + Parry skill: helps push you away from Joined Finger Rage).
  • CON: Because the Palace internal gives only 1 stack of the 60% damage, avoid using it on locking skills, since the damage is not sustained as a whole.
  • CON: Avoid being in a unfriendly environment (tight and closed areas), it puts a strain on flying skills.
  • CON: Once the internal's evasion is used up, have a backup plan to increase your survival.
  • Use flying skills, especially Goose (gives a 50% dodge rate), to aid evasion efficiencies.
  • Flying skills have a hidden evasion boost percentage, so max all flying skills ASAP.
  • Have backup medicine or food to increase PvP survival: Dexterity, evasion, etc.
  • Skills to have: Emei's Golden Aura (level 4+), Disguise (level 2+), Soul Intruding Dagger's Bloody Rain skill (level 3 for 0.26% HP recovery from rage conversion), Pegasus in the Sky + Circle the Moon Thrice, Turn Weapon Around (Scholar energy parry), Flying Snow Palm's Noble and Pure and Goose Steps On Snow (parry) skill
  • **Noble and Pure boosts you character's Dexterity by an amount, so get it to level 5+. **
  • **Goose Steps On Snow negates any de-buffs from affecting you for a period, after parrying. **
  • **Soul Intruding is only for free-players or players that lack Pegasus, keep in mind**
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