Age of Wushu Wiki
Skill Set Parry Stance Max. Lv Effect (Max. Lv)
Shallow Kung Fu Embrace the Moon 16 Parrying reduces an additional 44 points of damage.
Long Style Boxing
Arhat Fist
Dragon Claw
Dragon Claw
Golden Diamond Soft Palm Holding Sand Against the Current 1 The attacker's movement speed is reduced by 20% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Snow Fly Through Cloud Palm Goose Steps on Snow 5 Parrying grants the user immunity to some debuffs for 10 seconds.
Leisure Kick
Eagle Claw Fist
Lotus Palm
Bone Corrosion Palm
Demon Heart Chain Hand
Mantis Fist
Fallen Feather
Green Cloud Palm Skill The Armor 12 Increases External Defense by 250 (no parrying required). Parrying will add 1 stack of Iron Force on the enemy.
Tai Chi Fist
Tai Chi Fist
Dragon Claw
Head Butt
Dragon Subduing Slap
Defeated Scholar
Wild Shot Fist
Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess
Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess
Drunken Master
Dragon and Tiger Overlord Fist
Dry Kindling Fuels the Flame Palm
Whirlwind Kick
Heart Buddha Palm
Joined Fingers
South Ocean Fist
Females Only
Disfiguring Kick
Dance of Celestial Magic
Water Tactics
Dragon-Subduing Palm
Spiders and Poisons Palm
Merciful Thousand Leaves Hand
Monkey Fist
Soul Binding Grapple Hand
Five Spirit Score
Bloody Slaughter
Wind Breaking Sword
Sunset Sword Skill
Breeze Sword
Taiji Sword
Falling Flower Sword
Jade Flute Sword
Lethal Thirteen Sword
Yu Nv Sword
Drift Sand The Miser 12 Parrying increases External Defense by ? and Internal Defense by ? for ? seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
Snow Sword
The Nine Swords
Spirit Step Sword (Men)
Spirit Step Sword (Women)
Seductive Stare Sword
Dragon Kung Fu Sword
Mozi's Sword
Avert Evil Swords
Ghost Shadow Sword
Sound of Blue Waves
Golden Snake Sword
Flying Cloud Sword
Western Fencing
Quanzhen Sword Skill
A Prodigy's Swordmanship
Jade Maiden's Pure Heart
Curled Branch Sword
Sword of Fury
The Great Yin Yang Elegy
Pliant Sword
Tennen Rishin Ryu
Rising Sun Sword
Tianshan Sword Skill
Jiuyi Sword Skill
Yin Yang Sword
Boundless Sword
Drifting Cloud Sword
Nine Palaces Sword
Seven Star Sword
Record of the Dancing Ghost
Heaven Heart Swordmanship
Four Symbols Swordmanship
Elemental Sword Technique
Tianyue Sword Skill
Forgotten Sword Skill
Pigua Blade
Soul Losing Blade
Heartless Seven Skills
Yanyang Blade
Blood Killing Knife Skill
Winds of Fury
Hu Family Sword
Eight Skills from a Well
Eight Diagram Blade
Full Moon Scimitar
Secret of Kuntian Blade
Blood Sea Demon Blade Record
Blood Blade Secret
Secrets of Frigidity
Vast Ocean Rotating Blade
Enlightened Shadowblade
Array-Breaking Blade
Slaying Blade
Wind-Catching Blade
Astonishing Goose Blade
Yuanyang Twin Blades
Sura Blade
Sinister Axe of the Dragon
Golden Deer Blade
Soul-Devouring Hell Blade
Yin and Yang Back Edge of Chaos
Golden Lock of the Eight Gates
Eight Desolation Blade Scroll
Chaotic Blade
Rosy Cloud Stab Immortals Showing the Path 7 Parrying reduces the attacker's Stamina by ? for ? seconds. Does not stack.
Shadow Chasing Sting
Seven Thefts to Ensnare the Soul
Soul-Stealing Sting of Intrigue
Black Ink Ruler Skill
Shenfeng Skill
Holy Fire Order Secret Script
King of the Damned
Rouge Blood
Hidden Heaven Blade
Flickering Light Stab
Eight Plots of Chaos
Departing Sting
Perish Blade
Phantom Twin Daggers
Heaven Net Dance
Eight Lotus-breaking Moves
Guxi Dagger
Shock of Snow
Qingcheng Stab
Demon Dagger
Venomous Creatures Circle the Moon
Weituo Stick Skill
Bhodidharma's Stick
The Eight Diagrams Stick
Martial Saint Staff Skill
Master's Lance Skill
Family Yue's Lance Skill
Salvation and Judgment Staff
Demon Subduing Rod
Windblowing Staff
Dragon Insane Roar
Serial Spear
Crying Stick
Spirit Snake Stick
Dog Beating Staff
Dog Beating Staff
Crazed Demon Staff
Tempest Staff
Cross Soul Chasing Stick
Yang Rubbings Staff
Vertigo Dart
King of Hell's Invitation
Soul Chasing Claw
Lock of Searching for Soul
Demon Soul Chasing Blade
Three Yang Needle
Linglong Dice
Array Breaking Lunatic Sword
Dongfang Edgeless Sword
All Manifestations of Nature Cloud Tangle Counterattack state for 5 seconds. Range of 6 meters.
Netherworld Lingering Fragrance Skill
Ink Dance of Spring and Autumn
General's March
Official Business Road
Wind Driving Nine Changes
Xiaoxiang Water and Cloud Music
Fallen Goose Bow
Divine Arrow Nine Skills
Eight Arrows Split Clouds