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An online patrolling player.

School Patrolling is a PvP element where players can patrol their own school for spies from other schools.


  • Your strength reaches "First Understanding" and you are able to drop novice protection.
  • You must be in your school area.
  • You cannot join any other mission while patrolling.

How to begin Patrolling[]

  • While in your school scene, click on the missions menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen or hit "N" to bring up the Mission Interface, select the "School" tab on top, select "School Patrol" on the left, and click "Join".
  • You will gain 2 patrol skills which will allow you to expose spies.
  • Players who are patrolling are identified with a yellow symbol over their head.

How To Patrol[]


An exposed spy.

  • Watch for players from other schools and use two skills on them to increase their exposure (if they are in fact a spy), then kill them for information they have.
    • The first skill, "See Through Evil", will increase a spy's exposure by 30. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds (1 minute).
    • The second skill, "Spy Spell", will increase a spy's exposure by 80. Requires 1 intelligence letter, which can be bought at a general merchant for 10 Liang Tael.
  • When a spy's exposure reaches 80, they will be exposed. Exposed spies will be identified by a red symbol over their head, and can be attacked by any patrolling player.
  • When killing a spy, the last hit must be dealt by you or you will not gain any information they possess. They also have to at least have one information.
    • You will only gain 1 info regardless of how many they have.
  • When you have at least 1 information, you can return to your school to be rewarded at the intelligence officer NPC. You can carry up to 20 information, and you will be rewarded in proportion to the amount of intelligence you have retrieved.
  • When ever a spy fails an "Attack From Behind", the patrolling side will get an option to hunt down the spy immediatly, teleport included, by pressing on the crossed swords button on the right hand side of the screen. Note that only one patrolling player may be teleported to the stunned spy at the time and that you will not be able to know the power level of the stunned spy. If the spy is way more powerful than you, it is wise to run away. If you die in the attempt, you fail the patrol mission.

Success and Failure Conditions[]

  • Success: You kill at least 1 spy and return to your school intelligence officer to get your reward.
  • Failure: You are killed (or die in general) while patrolling.