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Pick Flowers at the Jade Pedestal Garden is a one of several repeatable quests to obtain Demon Gate Tokens. The quest can be done daily.


The player must first talk to Yue Que in Suzhou (569,295) and ask her to take the player to the Jade Pedestal Garden. After being teleported, talking to her again in the garden will begin the quest.


  • Strength ≥ Grand Master
  • Completed: 6th Internal Intro quest


The objective is to click on two stone plates that match with the key word (for example, Spring) shown over the chinese symbol (in midair) next to Yue Que. The player has 3 minutes to find 7 pairs. After selecting a pair, the key word is changed. If time runs out, the player can retry the quest.

Stoneplate1 Stoneplate2 Stoneplate3 Stoneplate4
Spring Bamboo Dirt Chrysanthemum

Stoneplate5 Stoneplate6 Stoneplate7 Mahjong9
Winter Meditation Orchid It floats