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Preserving a Moment Jianghu Event


Earn rewards with your in-game videos and screenshots

Let us reflect on our closed beta journey thus far. We invite all warriors and scholars of Jianghu to visit the Fan Creations section of our forums, to share their in-game videos and screenshots. Whether you're perfectly balanced atop the tallest pagoda or single-handedly defeating a horde of enemies, nothing bears so thorough a witness to a moment in time as a beautiful screenshot or video. You could even enlist friends to help create your own mini kung-fu movie. Your efforts will be rewarded with not only fame, but also a chance at a weekly purse holding a handsome sum of GOLD ! So pick your location and ready your pose; show everyone your amazing vision of the great Jianghu!

Event time[]

12:00 noon 31 January 2013 – 12:00 noon 28 February 2013

Event details[]

Visit the Official Forum

Participants must visit the official forum and under "Fan Creations", post their video in the Weekly Video Submission sticky thread and/or their screenshots in the Weekly Screenshot Submission sticky thread. Everyone is invited to post both types of content; while you can only win one category, why not double your chances? Prior to participating, please read the official rules posted there.

Post Format
  • Age of Wushu Character Name
  • Exact spelling and capitalization are necessary for awarding of prizes won.

The contents of your submission(s) must be in-game screenshots taken by you or a YouTube link to an Age of Wushu video created and uploaded by you.

Screen shot requirement
  • Maximum file size 200KB
  • Format: jpeg
  • Caption: Write a short and interesting caption that artfully describes your submission.
Video requirement
  • Upload your video on YouTube.
  • Submit your video link in the content area.
  • Include a brief description to captivate your audience.
  • Add a screenshot of your video (optional, but recommended to draw visitors to your submission).

Winning & Reward Distribution[]

After each Thursday, Snail Games will review submissions from the previous week and choose the winners.

  • Winners will be notified via email or private message and their submissions will be showcased on the forum each week.
  • Winners will receive their prize via in-game mail during the next week.

Prizes awarded weekly:

  • 1 x Video: 300 gold
  • 3 x Screenshots: 100 gold each