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(Breeze Sword) Purification of Mind-Stream
Purification of Mind-Stream
(Breeze Sword) Purification of Mind-Stream (Description)
School Wudang (skill list) Skill Set Breeze Sword
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range Charge CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Single Sword Attack None 1.5 s 8.0 s 7

Gather chi movement, wave sword chi to deal (97~99)(+2) points Yin of damage (For a total of 1 hits, each hit does about 135 points of damage.) to enemies in area, and inflict "Foul" chi to knock them down.

This skill can be released instantly in the air, and there is a chance to knock down target. The chance will increase along with "Breeze" level amount on your body.