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Qiandeng Crisis

Entrance: Qiandeng Town (606,742)

Strength Required: Peerless, Tier Four Internal Skill Level 40


You receive news that Zhuo Bei, Su Honghong and Elder Huadi are going to kill Xing Junke and Mo Wuqing in order to obtain the He Family Jade. You rush to Qiandeng Town to warn your friend, but your three enemies are already a step ahead of you. With Chu Xiao, you help Xing Junke and Mo Wuqing escape this deadly trap. What was once a quiet, backwater town has forever lost its innocence.


1. You learn that Qiandeng Town is now overtaken by people who intend to kill Xing Junke. Via coded messages, you track down Chu Xiao, a prospective ally. 2. Chu Xiao reveals herself as an accomplished warrior. Though she has not recognized you, you sense that her intentions are honorable. You decide to rescue Xing Junke with her.

3. Xing Junke is seeking medical attention for Wuqing. The physician, however, is another enemy, who is about to trick Xing into releasing a cloud of toxic gas. You arrive in time to avert a catastrophe.

4. Protect Xing Junke and Mo Wuqing by helping the couple escape.

5. When you arrive at the town center, Su Honghong – disguised as a male – appears and tells you that Mo Wuqing is captured, but Xing Junke knows she is lying. Defeat Su Honghong with Xing at your side.

6. After you defeat Su Honghong, Chu Xiao, Elder Huadi and Zhuo Bei appear. Chu Xiao sacrifices herself in order to protect Xing Junke and Mo Wuqing.


  • Martial Merit Token
  • He Family Jade Fragment (Used to exchange for Elder Tier 5 Internal Skill Pages and Elder Jianghu Martial Arts)