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Quick of Eye and Deft of Hand is a one of several repeatable quests to obtain Demon Gate Tokens. The quest can be done daily.


The player must first talk to Ge Yunhe in Jinling (1695,1656) to accept the quest, and then talk to Chu Fuji (standing next to Ge Yunhe) to enter the quest area.


  • Strength ≥ Grand Master
  • Completed: 6th Internal Intro quest



The Elite and the four orbs.

Talking to Qin Bo and selecting the first dialog option will cause an Elite to spawn on the platform. The Elite will have four coloured orbs floating around him. The player needs to memorize the colours of the orbs for the next step.

Warning: if Special Effect Quality is set to the lowest value in Video Options, the player may not be able to see the coloured orbs.

Nine pillars with orbs

The nine pillars with orbs.

Nine pillars

The nine pillars after 10 seconds.

Talking to Qin Bo and selecting the second dialog option will cause nine pillars to spawn on the platform. Each pillar has a coloured orb. The player needs to select the pillars that have the same coloured orbs as the Elite. The pillar orbs vanish after 10 seconds, so the player should act quickly. The player can keep on selecting pillars after the orbs vanish, but needs to rely on memory.

After selecting 4 pillars, talking to the Elite will trigger a cutscene. If the player selected the correct pillars, the player will defeat the Elite in the cutscene. To finish the quest, the player needs to talk to Qin Xiangju to leave the quest area.

If the player selected the incorrect pillars, they can retry the quest by talking to Qin Xiangju.