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Random Encounter NPC

A Random Encounter NPC.

Random Encounters are events wherein an NPC with a red lantern over their head wants to give the player a special item or a quest. Random Encounters are random in the respect that players usually cannot anticipate the exact moment of encounter or which NPC will be encountered, as the occurrence of the event is often based on unknown factors.

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Types of Random Encounters[]

There are two different types of Random Encounters.

VIP Random Encounter[]

During a VIP Random Encounter, an NPC will randomly spawn at a VIP player's location and starts following the player. The player has 5 minutes to accept the NPC's item or quest before the NPC disappears. The quests are short and the item rewards vary from worthless to very valuable.

Non-VIP Random Encounter[]

During a non-VIP Random Encounter, an NPC wants to give an item or a quest to a player, but the NPC will not teleport to the player or move from its location. The item rewards are usually worthless.

Fire Mechanism[]

Main article: Suzhou Fire Mechanism

The Fire Mechanism is a puzzle located in Suzhou (1325,750) and Wanderer's Valley (-139,786). Solving the puzzle has a chance to trigger a VIP Random Encounter. Not all VIP Random Encounters can be triggered with this method.