Random encounters are a feature of Age of Wushu, primarily targeted towards subscribers (VIPs), wherein a character with a glowing orange blob above their head will approach you.
Your system log will get the following message:
[system 00:00:00]:XXXXX XXXXX
quietly says: Come over here quick, i have something to tell you!
(Note: The NPC Will Leave after 5 Minutes.)

However, it often gives little hint as to what you will receive - and the effort often doesn't correspond to the reward.
Hence, here is a list of the names and what rewards they give. The "item rank" is a column for sorting purposes, making it easier to quickly check the best and worst items (and their characters).

NPC name Item(s) Starting item Location(s) found Item rank
A DanTai Chi Fist (Ancient Manual) Scroll Fragment5
Calligraphy and Painting Merchant Spirit Step Sword Fragment
Abbess JueQingZinc Ingot2
Abbess XuChenLove Letter x11
An XueyanTreasure1
An ZhangQingT1 Recipe (Blacksmith)1
Aunt ZhangMulberry Wood, Copper Treasure1
Bai FuWild Goose Flying Skill1
Bai Juan1 Wen Coin0
Bo QinZhiHerbalist1
Bu MancaiJiaohua Chicken x4 (Dogbeating Advanced)3
Cai BangHeCane1
Cang Yan"Inner Pill Skill" residual scroll + Copper Treasure1
Cao TianT2 Tailor3
Cao ZimengC4 World Jade (No Set Bonus) + Random Treasure2
Ceng SiLuTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Chai MinghuiTreasure1
Chen ChuanXiangLife Chasing Pellet Page 1 (Hidden Weapon Skill)1
Chen RoubinFruitcake, +25 all stats, 10% movespeed, 1 weekAnywhere2
Chen XiaoChengAgainst Worldly Evil Fragment3
Chen YaTreasure1
Cheng BiJunDog Beating (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Cheng BiXueDog Beating (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Cheng ChangYiDog Beating Fragment3
Cheng XunTin/Tungsten Ingot1
Contable YiT1 Tailor1
Cui ChenTreasure1
Dan ShiPingFeather x22
Ding DanPoison Furnance1
Dong Wei (Merchant) Treasure
Dou JiRenT2 Craftsmen2
Dou JiaTianTreasure1
Emei Plum Blossom DiscipeTreasure + Cook Reciepe1
Emperial Envoy1 Wen Coin or Array
Fan DaBreak Meridian Skill
Fan YiTangJianghu Collection
Fan YuRunTreasure + Superior dbl.sting book
Feng HouT1 Recipe
Feng SiSpeed Up Without Trace
Feng YinGold Thread Powder or Black Jade Powder
First Master XueTreasure
FreakPeach x1
Fu HaoXuanWind-Blown Sand Array (8 man)
Ge JinJinElm Wood/Rose Quartz + Treasure
Ge PiaoFish Net Array (8 man)
Ge QianElm Wood x2
GongSun QiTreasure
Grandpa JueT1 Recipe
Guo GuangNanPigua Blade Fragment
Hang WuJianBrocade Box (random Martial Art Fragment)
Hong BaoHerbalist HP furnace
Hong BaiFangSpeed Up Without Trace
Hong YanChengTreasure
Hu FuNingHerbalist + Treasure
Huo KeyiSix Fold Unity Array
Injured Young ManWild Shot Fist Fragment x20
Ji ChenTreasure
Ji GuoTreasure + Scholar Formula
Jia ChansanResidual Scroll + Treasure
Jia JunXiEquipment
Jian WuQiuDemon Pill x2 (Ancient Taichi Advanced)
Jiang JikunTreasure + Tailor recipe
Jiang MaoTin or Zing Ingot / Treasure
Jiao JianHuiWild Shot Fist Fragment x20
Jin WuliTreasure + Tailor recipe
Jin ZhongLiangT1 Chopping Block OR T1 CraftbenchPickaxe
Jing ChenShaolin 2nd Inner Fragment + Treasure
Jinyi T2 Sword Reciepe + Iron Treasure
Jue JianT2 Chopping Block OR Calligrapher Script, + Treasure/Jackdaw
Jun WanTianT1 Recipe
Lang HongTaoTreasure + residual scroll
Leu EnkangDog Beating (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Li Guangtain Gold C4 gear
Leu Lei T1 Tailor Recipe + treasure
Li HanQiuThree-Hundred Children's Song (Peach Item)
Li QiuHeTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Ling GuChongHuayi / Painting x4
Ling HuChongPainted Chest x4
Ling XuanScholar Inner Fragment
Liu ZhenShuBamboo Snake Wine
Little MonkeyPoison Maker Furnace or Herbalist Furnace
Little (Wal)NutNuts x2
Long HongtaoSchool Internal Fragment + Treasure
Long WolfTreasure
Lu XiaT1 Chopping Block
Lu YunXiaoPeony x2
Luo ErTreasure + Peony
Mad TaoistMt.Hua Invite (10)
Man DeCaiJiaohua Chicken x4 (Dogbeating Advanced)
Medicine BoyTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Meng ShifengT1 Recipe OR treasure
Miao HuaLethal grass x2 + Treasure
Milu Zijian High Quality Rouge
MinkMink Fur x2 (Mink Pet)
Mo DangCaiTreasure
Mo YoTreasure
Mother ZhangElm Wood
Mrs TianTreasure + Herbalist Recipe
Murong KuiYuInner Pill Fragment(Wudang 2nd) + Treasure
Murong SiChenResidual Scroll
Murong WeiYuTreasure
Mysterious AssassinBlood Blade Faction Invite (Blood Blade Coffin)
Mysterious ManRootless Faction Invite
Mysterious PersonTreasure
Neng ZhuangDuT2 Craftsmen
Ning DunT1 Recipe
Ning ShuoT1 Recipe
Old BeggarJiaohua Chicken x1 (Dogbeating Advanced)
Old Man XuDaughter Wine x4 (Dragon Claw Advanced)
Old WangCrappy Treasure + Cook Reciepe
Ouyang XiangPoison Maker Furnance
Painting MerchantSpirit Step (Ancient Manual) Fragment (Ancient Marriage Set)4
Pan ShengYiDog Beating (Ancient Manual) Fragment4
Pang BiTreasure
Pang Ruiyuan Mingyu Residual Scroll2
Patrolling Warrior MonkDragon Claw (Ancient Manual)Fragment3
Peng ChangGuiDog Beating (Ancient Manual) Fragment4
Pi SiHuTreasure
Pu QinZhiHerbalist Furnace2
Qi JiaLiRandom Reward
Qian BaiWeiPoison Furnace
Qian TieTouT1 Recipe OR Treasure1
Qian XiT2 Recipe OR Treasure1
Qiao LiXinTreasure
Qie KeNaoFruitcake; +25 all stats, +10% movespeed, 1 weekAnywhere2
Qin FeiT1 Craftsman Bench2
Qing ShanTungste Ingot + Treasure
Qin ShuangHundred Strike Metal
Qin XuanQi1 Wen Coin OR Treasure0
Qing FaDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Qing FuDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Qing ShouDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment OR Treasure3
Qiu YiJoined Finger (Ancient Manual) Fragment5
Rakshasa WomanJianghu Inner Fragment3-4
Rich MerchantElm Wood
RuffianInner Pill Fragment(Wudang 2nd} + Treasure1
Scouting MonkDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Scholar UsherShallow Kungfu Fragment
Shi FeiRandom Gold Treasure, Mulberry wood
Shi QunSpeed Up Without Trace
Sima MoyeTreasure + Herbal Reciepe
Situ JingFish net Array + Treasure + T2 BS recipe
SoldierYanyu Gut-Breaking Skill + Treasure
Song JunQingT1 Loom
Song LiangZhenTreasure1
Su XiuYunT2 Chopping Block4
Su ZhouTreasure + Painting1
Sweeping MonkDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Tai ShuNuHeartless Seven + Treasure
Tan DanChef Recipe + Silver Treasure1
Tang NingPoison Maker Furnance
Tang YimeiTangmen skill + Copper Treasure
Tao JieyunScholar Reciepe and Copper Treasure
Tong JianBoTreasure
Traveling DoctorGolden Needle Shen Entrance Item
Tu GuoT1 Recipe / Treasure
Tianshu NuCruel Seven Skills Ruined Book + Unidentified Black Jade Bi (Gold)
Tu XiangXunT1 Recipe
Uncle LuDemon Pill x2
Wan JunPeach x22
Wang ChongPanax Ginseng (Blood Sea Demon Blade Exchange)
Wang FangFanTreasure
Wang LongTreasure
Wei ShaoDongTreasure + Thin Monkey Skin x21
Wei TianTreasure + Inner Fragment
Wen ShangyueRandom Treasure1
Wu ReiFresh Fish x2
Wu ShengHaiT1 Recipe
Wu QiongHoneysuckle (Advanced Joined Fingers)
Wu RuiFresh Fish x2
Wu XiaDaughter Wine x1
Wu XueLiT1 Recipe + Treasure
Wu Yijian Treasure
Xia DongTreasure
Xia HuochiTreasure
Xiang KangHuiInner Pill Fragment(Wudang 2nd) + Treasure
Xiao GouziCopper Treasure + Gold Gear Item (Equipment Dropped In The World)
Xiao LanT1 Recipe
Xiao MinT1 Chopping
Xiaoyao Mountain ManTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Xie YuejingCopper Treasure + Random Music Manual
Xing ZhuDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Xu ChengDaPoison Maker Furnace / Treasure
Xu SisiEmei Fragment, Copper Treasure
Xu ZhenMessmate / Treasure
Xuang QingZiFish Net Array (8 man)
Xue GaiGolden Snake Hidden Weapon Skill (Page 1)
Xue JianBlood Blade Invite
Yan ChuchuFlying Goose skill
Yan KangWinter Plum Array (Scholar)
Yan Xiangyuanweiqi player scroll +treasure
Yang FeiFengTwenty-Eight Constallation Array2
Yang HuaiFengTreasure
Yao XianEmei 2nd Inner Fragment + 1 Wen Coin
Ye JieTreasure1
Ye NanZhiTreasure1
Yi ChaoTreasure
Yi FengTreasure
Yi ShengJieT1 Loom
Yi SinTreasure
Yi XiangTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment3
Yi XunCopper Treasure + Tailor Recipe
Yi YanBinResidual Scroll+ Treasure
Yi YanLinInner Fragment + Treasure
Yin YueChanT1 Recipe
You ChengRenTreasure
You ZhenTreasure
You ZhiTreasure
Yu GuanguTreasure + Rare Herbs
Yu GuLanTreasure + scholar Inner Frag
Yu Jie Gold Treasure (Emei) + Snow Palm Skill Page
Yu LongTreasure
Yu YiTreasure
Yuan TieShanPoison Maker Furnance
Yue LingShanButterfly Love x4
Yue MingKeCopy Fragment
Yue MingKe (SwordMaster) Jiangu Inner Fagments and/or Hundred Herb Wine
Zeng ShiLuTaichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Fragment
Zeng XuyuanZinc Ingot
Zha XiaoTreasure
Zhan HuaShengIce Soul Pellet (Page 1)
Zhan JunTreasure
Zhang DaBaoMalachite + Treasure1
Zhang FuLanDragon Bone + Treasure2
Zhao YiFengWind-Blown Sand Array (8 man)
Zhuo HaohanInternal Alchemy Fragment + crappy treasure
Zhou HexiangTreasure + Craftsmen Recipe
Zhou HeYangT1 Recipe1
Zhou PiapyaTreasure
Zhou SiShuTreasure1
Zhou TianpengTreasure1
Zhou XingT1 Recipe + Treasure
Zhu ErWild Goose Flying Skill
Zhu JinJinRandom Material
Zhuge ZhongchunIce Soul Pellet Skill + Treasure
Zi NingEnchanced Poison Maker Furnance
Zu XingDragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Fragment
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