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Random encounters are special quests which give good rewards - reputation, rare items, unbound silver and fragments of books on martial skills players can't obtain otherwise in game.

Random encounters are usually determined by rolling dice against a random encounter table. The tables are commonly based on location (and/or time/reputation), and have a chance for differing encounters with different rewards or difficulty. The results may be modified by other tables, such as your current faction (Evil/Good/Lunatic), your affinity with various NPCs (or certain combinations of NPC) and your strength level (Expert of self..etc).

First a random player in the scene will be selected, then a dice is rolled to determine what kind of RE will he trigger. Random encounters are random in the respect that players cannot anticipate the exact moment of encounter or what will be encountered, as the occurrence of the event is based on factors such as programmed probabilities; Pseudo-random number generators create the sequence of numbers used to determine if an encounter will happen. The form and frequency can vary depending on a number of factors, such as where the player is located in the game world and the statistics of the player character.


There are four types of RE:

Random RE[]

Each scene will have a random encounter similar to a lotto. A random player will be chosen from the map and an unknown NPC with a red lantern over their head will start following them. There is a 30 seconds timer to talk to the red lantern NPC.

You will be able to trigger a random encounter with certain NPCs every day. However, once you talk to that NPC they will go on cooldown and others may not talk to them. The NPCs will approach the player even in mid combat and:

  • giving a gift - item received will be unbound
  • offering to sell something (like a Flying skill) for unbound silver - bought item will be bound
  • giving a quest - its reward may be:
    • encounter box containing an unbound life skill item (loom)
    • martial box containing unbound skills

Fixed RE[]

This type of random encounter involves items dropped in the world. When a Fixed Task Item is dropped, you must find the corresponding NPC to trigger the random encounter. No further requirements are needed. The task items is usually mob-dropped and these have usually, but not always, coordinates or mention names for who should receive the item to start the RE.

Gratitude and Gossip RE[]

Random Encounters are the result of your interactions with NPCs and the world, so be sure to fully grasp how gratitude and gossip play out in Age of Wushu’s social systems. After selecting a storyline, the game will give players some guided tasks. These might result in Random Encounters. Players can trigger them by talking with NPCs with a certain Affinity towards them ('Gratitude or Resentment' quests).

There are a lot of 'Gratitude or Resentment' quests spread over Jianghu. They will reward random items upon completion. Typical rewards are crafting books, herbs, or pills.

Miracle Encounters[]

This type of encounter is the most profitable. They can only occur for VIP members. Usually an NPC from around the world will go out of their way to find the player. They will cross maps to talk to them. If you check affinity with these NPCS, you will find that you never have 0 affinity with them. They always either like you or hate you. These are usually random NPCS which are not in fixed locations. Sometimes you have to build affinity or hatred with NPC “B” to make NPC “A” notice you.

Factors that help trigger RE[]

  • VIP / Young Hero Master
  • (high) Reputation [citation needed]
  • (high) Internal Skill level/Power Level [citation needed]
  • Infamy level [citation needed]
  • Wanted (Bounty on you) [citation needed]
  • Jianghu Finesse [citation needed]
  • Evil/Good standings [citation needed]
  • Scene you are at
  • Server time (2-5 pm server time is good but some RE only trigger during peak play times)
  • Affinity with certain NPCs or combinations of NPCs
  • Quest related (Must finish certain quest chains)
  • Carrying a certain item in inventory
  • Spend a lot of time outside of towns and in isolated scenes
  • Be very active while online (the RE system searches for player who performed an action within the last 10 seconds ... and thus is likely not a bot) [citation needed]
  • Do not stay in Herbal Tea shops or Mysterious Tailor Shops as those mark you afk [citation needed]
  • Be among the top 3 online player in a given profession or alignment [citation needed]
  • Have top titles, for example Top Meridians, Top Blacksmith, Top Tailor, Most Dangerous Criminal seem to help +1 RE per week [citation needed]
  • remember the time you triggered it and come back after the cool down (1 hour, 24 hour, once per week are all possible -> be back 1 week and 1 day later to take advantage without running into cooldown caused by other player)

List of Random Encounters[]

A list of Random Encounters can be found here.


With a Random Encounter it isn't so easy to evaluate whether or not a particular item has any real meaning. Here is a list of possible Random Encounter items and what to do with them.

Gaining NPC Affinity

This method has unfortunately been patched and will no longer work. ~ Vaan [citation needed]