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Rootless Clan Outfit

Rootless Clan is a joinable Faction. Members of the clan use the Single Sword, and specialize in high movement speed and stealing Health and Energy from the target.

The Rootless Clan are a cabal of eunuchs who amassed vast wealth while serving as tax collectors of the empire. Reviled and feared, they demand all their followers to be castrated. These mass murderers revel in sowing seeds of discord among their enemies.


Players can join the Rootless Clan by meeting the entry requirements and talking to Shen Xuefei in Jinling (839,1532). The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a member of no school, or be training away, or be disguised.
  • Must have the Referral Token from a VIP Random Encounter.
  • Must be male and castrated.
  • Character Strength ≥ Expert of Self
  • Sunflower Manual ≥ Level 25

Referral Token[]

Referral Token
Joining the Rootless Clan requires a Referral Token given by the Mysterious Man, a VIP Random Encounter. To increase the chances of triggering the Random Encounter, the player should be Evil (1) Evil and have Infamy > 2,000.

Internal Skills[]

Internal Skill Type Max Level (Strength) Max Rage
Hazy Sky Seal Yin Soft 72 (Keep Your Own Counsel) 100

Martial Arts Skill Sets[]

The colored percentage number is the average scaling value for corresponding stats.

Skill Set Type Weapon Damage % % %
Avert Evil Swords Yin Single Sword Yin 30 30

Random Skills[]

Skill CD Effects
Melt Bone 30m Deals Yin damage to a target. Removes target's Yellow Armor.
Souls Depart 30m Deals Yin damage to a target. Disables target's Flying Skills and causes Blurred Vision for 3s.