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Affiliation: Sinister Gender: Male Weapons: Swords Alignment: Evil Tactical Position: Ranged and Melee combat

 The Rootless Clan are a cabal of eunuchs, who amassed vast wealth while serving as tax collectors of the empire. Reviled and feared, they demand all their followers to be castrated. These mass murderers revel in sowing seeds of discord among their enemies.

Notable NPC's[]

  • Speechless Wei: Despite his name, Speechless Wei, the tyrranical ruler of the Rootless Clan, does speak, albeit with a hoarse, sinister voice. Always seen wearing a golden mask, Wei resolutely believes in his superiority over other men due to his castration.
  • Ginseng Gao:Ginseng Gao is the deputy leader of the clan, and its chief physician. He is able to preserve, and restore, the castrated organs of his fellow eunuchs.
  • Silent Lee: Silent Lee is the enforcer of discipline, such as it is in a group that thrives on chaos. Like his master, he is a ruthless man of few words, so as to hide his thin, highly-pitched voice distorted by castration.
  • Kou Hai: Kou Hai is the liaison officer. Befitting his position, he is one of the few members of the Clan known and respected by outsiders. He is said to be very manly, despite his castration.
  • Zhou Lin: In charge of internal affairs, Zhou Lin excels in his role, in that his frail physical body belies a cunning intellect, and a vicious sense of purpose.
  • Deng Linfu: Deng Linfu, chief executive officer, relishes in personally carrying out his "executions" against his hapless enemies
  • Li Weiyong: Li Weiyong, captain of the guards, likes nothing more than castrating other men, and his proficiency in that regard has only increased over the years.


Martial skills[]

Avert Evil Swordsmanship
Master: Weapon: Swords 1st martial skill set Attribute: Yin Soft
Description: This set of skills debuffs your opponents, while building up your own speed to overwhelm them.

Internal skills[]

Deviant Vampire
1st internal skill Attribute: Yin Soft
Description: The Rootless Clan firmly believe that their castration frees them from the concerns of the flesh, rendering them more focused and powerful. Deviant Vampire is the supreme expression of this doctrine.


Rebuild Constitution: : Befitting the name, this skill has a vampiric effect, stealing health and energy from a target with each hit. There is a cooldown period after a certain number of hits.

Effect at maximum level:[]

Crystalline Perfection: At the maximum level, there is a chance that cooldown for the vampiric effects will be cleared.

Joining the Rootless Sect[]

There are two ways to join the faction: via the main story quests, or a random encounter.

Joining through the main story[]

Conditions to Join through main story:

  • Tier four Internal Skills are active on the server. 
  • You must be currently playing through "The Vagrants" as a Free Spirit or higher. This means you cannot be an active member of a major School in good standing. (If you have betrayed your current School, or are on leave, then you may join this faction.) 
  • Reach "Expert of Self". 
  • You must be a male character who is ready to be castrated. (You will surrender your organ during a ritual.)

Special Requirement:

  • Reach Level 25 in the Sunflower Manual internal skill. 
  • Be castrated during the Rootless Clan castration event.

Joining by Random Encounter[]

If the player has killed recently, then they have a chance to receive a random encounter task to join the Rootless Sect. Entry conditions for the random encounter are lower than that of the main story.

Rootless Clan Castration Event[]

During the specified event period, accept castration quest by talking to a specified NPC. Do the following:

• Gather 5 players and activate the Soul Breaking Array, the Rootless Clan’s exclusive array.

• Select a qualified player (of full HP, male, reached Peak of Power) to cast the "Monkey Steals the Peach" array. This will render the player vulnerable. You will be struck until near death.

• Cast another array skill Farewell The Immortality to bring up an operating table and start castration procedures. The castration procedures will take 2 min. to complete.

• To terminate the castration ritual, simply destroy the operating table in 2 minutes.

• During that period, there will be disapproving people trying to attack the 5 players in the Soul Breaking Array. Drive them away so as to ensure the castration could be completed successfully. When elapsed time reached 2 min., the quest will be completed.

Rootless Clan Daily Quest[]

Collect Materials Daily Task: Crippling Poison is Poison Detox Manual can be bought with 80 Yellow Daily Points

School Uniforms[]


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