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Rosy Cloud Stab is a dagger martial arts skill set from Emei.



Rosy Cloud Stab is one of the few dagger skill sets that mostly scale with Internal Damage. It's a close-range set with fairly low damage, but the set has the advantage of having two charging skills (Move Clouds and See the Sun & Morning Clouds and Evening Rain), which interrupt the target's action unless said action is uninterruptible. The set also includes two skills that can recover the user's and allies' yellow HP (Meridian Breaking & Rosy Clouds Slowly Rise).

The key to using Rosy Cloud Stab is to outlast the opponent by utilizing the healing skills while whittling the opponent's HP with the charging skills.


Weapon Type Skill Max Lv Scaling
Dagger Soft Overt Passing Clouds 13 30% Internal Dmg
Move Clouds and See the Sun 13 60% Internal Dmg
Morning Clouds and Evening Rain 13 42% Internal Dmg
Meridian Breaking 13 42% Melee Dmg

42% Internal Dmg

Faint Embracing the Wind 13 30% Internal Dmg
Block Immortals Showing the Path 7
Rosy Clouds Slowly Rise 13


  • "Rosy Clouds Slowly Rise" can be used to nullify the final boss's ultimate attack in Sacrificial Cliff, the Emei School Instance.