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Royal Guards is one of the Eight Great Schools in Age of Wushu. Vicious and cruel, the members of the Royal Guards seek power and control. Their brutal, merciless attacks are the dark twin of Shaolin.


The Royal Guards are the most famous of all the Ming Dynasty intelligence agencies. They were established to supervise, spy on, and oppress any unlawful acts by government officials. They can enter the Royal Courts freely to report to the Emperor directly. The Royal Guards are active in all corners of China and secretly join in many major tournament events. They are a cruel and ruthless group that garner fear from all other schools.[1]


Royal Guards' Soul Chasing Claw is feared in PvP for its huge amount of ranged crowd control and high damage. Royal Guards mainly contribute to PvE by using their Eagle Claw Fist attacks to apply health-absorbing debuffs to enemies, which allows allies to recover health.

Royal Guards' main weaknesses are matchup-specific. Soul Chasing Claw can be rushed down, Soul Losing Blade has little finesse, and Eagle Claw Fist relies too much on gimmicky mixups. All are beatable, though doing so can be a real challenge.

Internal skills[]

Tier Internal Skill Max Level Max Rage Type
1st Xuanyuan Manual 36 90 Yang Hard
2nd Tiancan Technique 36 100
3rd Seven-Kill Sutra 36 110
4th Dark-Heaven Code 49 120
5th Hell Soul Changing Skill 49 130
6th Shura Martial Script 49 130

Martial arts sets[]

Tier Martial Arts Set Weapon Scaling Type
1st Soul Chasing Claw Claw on Rope External Power

Internal Power

2nd Soul Losing Blade Single Blade External Power Hard
3rd Eagle Claw Fist Barehanded External Power

Internal Power

4th Blood Killing Knife Skill Single Blade, Claw on Rope External Power
5th Lock of Searching for Soul Claw on Rope External Power


Royal Guards has its own rules and regulations. Breaking these rules will increase the player's Discipline Points. If a player’s Discipline Points exceed 100 and they enter the School area, a punishing cutscene will play. When the cutscene ends, the player’s health will be halved and they'll receive a weakening debuff for an hour.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't harm fellow school disciples +40 points
No improper attire +10 points

Notable members[]

  • Huangfu Yao: The Leader of the Royal Guards. He joined the Royal Guards in his desire for power and through cunning and trickery became the leader of the Royal Guards.
  • Murong Weiyu: The Wife of Huangpu Xiao. She is the eldest daughter of the Murong Family. She fell in love with Huangfu Yao and joined the Royal Guards; she is now cut off from her family.
  • Xuanyuan Kuanglang: The Leader of Royal Red Hall. He is from the outer regions of China and was sent by his tribe to be their covert agent.
  • Zhu Lin: The Leader of Royal Dark Hall. He joined the Governmental Troops to fight against foreign invasions many years ago, yet returned to find out his lover had died. He uses coldness to cover his sadness.
  • Bai Shaoxie: A strange man with a psychological distortion, he was raised by the Eunuchs to become a killer.
  • Miao Ying: The Leader of Royal Purple Hall. She pretended to be a man to join the army. After battle, she was assigned to become a member of the Royal Guards.

School Uniforms[]

Picture Gallery[]


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