Age of Wushu Wiki

Sacred sites are locations scattered across the world of Jianghu that provide environmental bonuses to your rate of skill cultivation. The cultivation icon above your health bar will display a colored dot indicating the type of environment.

Each type of skill has a favored environment for training and two that provide lesser bonuses. The different environments are common and fairly easy to locate, though places suitable for a full team practice are less so. Most team practices are done within a school scene at an easily accessible sacred site.

Sacred sites provide a flat 20% bonus to Team Practice regardless of the skill being cultivated.Towns no longer provide a penalty but no bonus either so its best to use a sacred site.

The normal leveling speed is 43 cultivation points per 15 seconds.Being in a skill specific area like the table below shows adds either a +1 or +2 to the 43.Using these bonuses provides 2-5% increase to cultivation speed which is negligible.

Cultivation bonuses[]

HardHard YangYang SoftSoft YinYin Tai ChiTai Chi YinSoftSoft & Yin YangHardHard & Yang
Cave +20% x x +20% +10%
Forest +10% x x x x + 20%
Mountain + 10% +20% x x
Snow x + 20% x + 10%
Water + 10% x + 20% x


- 8%

List of sacred sites[]


The cultivation icon will show a brown dot.  Found in underground areas.

Scene Location Notes
Shaolin 1242, 247 Shaolin players go here to cultivate their martial arts skills
Wudang 612, 326

Wudang players go here to cultivate their Breeze Sword skillset

735,735 Cave next to Tiger Roaring Villa
Emei 306, -129 Take upper right hand path by the main temple.
810, 105 Aggressive NPCs nearby
815, 760 Behind Whooping Crane Temple, in the jail.
Tangmen 1319, -105
1288, -152
Jiming Posthouse 1113, 59

-35, 444

Inside a Coal place top left of the map.

inside Bailuka Temple.

Jinling 2216, 2045 Large cave entrance at ground level. Two large outcroppings above the cave also share the effect.
Scholars 1350, 1227 Youyuan Cave.
Chengdu 113, 9 Cave behind Southern Aristocratic Family.


The cultivation icon will show a green dot.  Found in wooded areas.

Scene Location Notes
Shaolin 509, 9 Shaolin players go here to cultivate their internal skill
Beggar's Sect 392, 358
Royal Guards 306, 198
Jinling 2301, 1450 Back part of the Imperial Hunting Ground.
Suzhou 216, 1440 Back part of the Mulberry Forest.
Chengdu 1050, 593 Tomb of the hero Gui Xiaotian and along the banks of the Huanhua stream.
Emei 560, 1100 Under the blooming trees south of Wangshi House.
600, 850 Next to White Beard Temple.
400, 360 Southwest of Hot Spring.
255, 408 South of Hot Spring.
Scholars 965, 730 South of Village Stagecoach.
1375, 550 Southwest shore of Gui Lake.
1340, 165 Northwest Bamboo Valley.
1037, 500 Near Copper Mine.
1146, 1235 On a large tree.
Wudang 271,1275


The cultivation icon will show a yellow dot.  Found atop steep rocky areas.

Scene Location Notes
Wudang 568, 169 Wudang players go here to cultivate their Yin Yang and Taiji skill sets, and also to cultivate their internal skill; most Wudang players TP here
Scholars 414, 650 East of Ink Pool
516, 755 East of the waterfalls.
595, 775 Between the waterfalls.
758, 743 West of the waterfalls.
1114, 1087 Orchid Valley Sword Stage.
421, 321 Southern part of Jade Brush Peak
Qiandeng Town 860, 900
Jinling 1840, 2100 Along the entire ridgeline.
1990, 1670 Around the top of the hillock.
Suzhou 763, 903 The northern peak near Windbell Garden.
702, 1157 Near the scene edge off the right side of the Windbell Valley Waterhole.
Chengdu 1117, 973 Peak northeast of Erxian Temple.
421, 253 Outcrop above waterfall and surrounding mountainside.
Emei 780, 835 Atop a peak next to Old Moon Temple.
792, 782 Atop a hill next to Whooping Crane Temple.
614, 684 Atop the north side of the arch. Both sides, but not the arch.
1120, 240 Peak southwest of Green Lotus Platform.
1145, 120 Peak west of Green Lotus Platform.
1085, 10 Peak northwest of Green Lotus Platform.
1030, 0 Peak north of Green Lotus Platform.
Jiming Posthouse

64, 56

Just North and right next to the Snow Cultivation place, north of the hunter camp in Maoren, where all the bears are.

-298, 702 East of Huxiao Pavillion [Tower] in Fierce Tiger Faction
Wanderer's Valley 57, 9

Behind the school.

Yanyu Villa 258, 463 Southwest of Cloud Watching Slope Traveling Herbalist


The cultivation icon will show a white dot.

Scene Location Notes
Jiming Posthouse -65, 700 Beside of Yi Tower in Evil Tiger Hummock.
Evil Men's Valley 624, -288 There is also a small Water site at 503,140.


The cultivation icon will show a blue dot.

Scene Location Notes
Emei 671, -74 In front of the waterfall
343, 647 Under the waterfall.
350, 650 Next to the waterfall mouth.
360, 220 Base of the waterfall.
Scholars 644, 763 Quite small rock on top of the waterfall; the Team Leader must stand at exactly (644, 763) for there to be space for all 9 others
1093, 1122 Waterfall below Orchid Valley Sword Stage.
Tangmen 1423, -31 Most Tangmen players TP here
320, 44 Behind the waterfall along the path to Poisionous Divine Tree Valley
89, 68 The river start in Poisionous Divine Tree Valey
161, -45 Small pond in Poisionous Divine Tree valley
Yanyu Villa 560, 690 Large rock to the right of the waterfall. However, players must first be near the waterfall before the sacred site bonus kicks in.
250, 680 A shallow pool underneath the Rainbow Bridge. Best to approach from the south.
Royal Guards 156,599 Waterfall in Ruoshui Lake. Standing on the stone.
Luoyang 815, 35
Jinling 1880, 200 In and around the pond.
Suzhou 650, 1165 In Windbell Valley Waterhole and the ledges next to the waterfall.
Chengdu 1249, 922 The pond along the south side of Shunan Road.
1055, 726

The pond with lotus flowers around.. Small house in center pond.

Wudang 160, -145

The island in Dragon Teeth Mountain. Small house on island.