Age of Wushu Wiki
Sacrifice Cliff
Location Emei
Difficulty Minimum strength Recommended strength Max players
Normal ??? Max level 3
Hard N/A N/A N/A
Hell N/A N/A N/A
Shura (17:00-23:00) N/A N/A

Guide for normal difficulty

Entering sacrifice cliff, players started at the base of a mountain. They should talk to the two NPCs waiting at the base of the mountain. One is a guide who will provide players with information regarding sacrifice cliff, the other is a NPC to start the instance.

First boss is located about 3 minutes walk from the instance entrance. Follow the road and players should find her. Jumping is not recommended for the tank, boss may smack the tank good to the floor. This boss has a move indicated with a charge bar which can shave a plenty percentage of players health. When the charge bar is nearly filled, jumping is recommended to avoid massive damage. Hitting her parry may heal her, so parry breaking is recommended as needed.

Second boss may be found after a series of cliff jumping and opening a secret door. This secret door will be open after player burn two right torches.

    • x
    • x
  • direction of door, x indicated the right torch

Second boss is actually a team of lesser beings. Of these beings, one the players should pay attention to is the life stealing one, for she may seal your skills for several seconds. Murdering one can reflect players' damage and should be watched for. The other two can heal and deal massive damage but not too difficult to deal with. Individually, they are weak but getting mobbed by all four will prove to be an undesireable experience. The trick here is for one player to tank three beings while two players make a swift work for one being. Soloist may also prevail here as long as she/he could dance around the circle while being sealed and deal a good amount of damage to supress the healing ability of the boss (I have done that. It took quite some time, but it is doable). Perish stab is recommended for soloist. After killing second boss, players can talk to a spawned NPC to be teleported to the next stage.

Players should talk to another NPC after being teleported. This NPC will be the third boss. There is nothing special here. Players may just pour damage into this boss as fast as possible and she will go down,

Fourth boss resides on a middle of a lake. To get to the lake, follow the road and speak to guide NPC at the end of the road. Fourth boss can be annoying if she pushes you into water and make herself reset. Use of yellow armour skills is advised if she tries to push you.

Fifth boss can do some serious damage with her Jade Maiden Swordplay. A supporting Emei with Golden Buddha Light will be appreciated.

Sixth boss can give players a debuff which will drain players' health if they stand close to each other. She will switch aggro every time she hit a player with her single target cast skill - this skill hurts enough with around 2k damage. She also has several AOE attack but none is worth to be worried about; though sliding out of her damage area is advisable.

Seventh boss is nothing to be feared. Parry breaking is advisable, she heals 1k hp per hit parried. She can also summon 5 minions who will dart aggroed player to death - word of advice, kill the array key as fast as possible. Lastly, she can cast a single target skill which will instant-kill aggroed player if she does not evade it or use "rosy clouds are slowly rising" in time. Second skill set of emei is a sensible choice in this boss fight. Player may also use "perish stab" and switch to "rosy stab" in the moment boss casting her ultimate skill.

Players searching for more challenge may try to clear sacrifice cliff alone. It is doable. (The writer has done it at least once.) A perish stab set is recommended, along with "turn weapon around," "flying horse," and "circle the moon." Internal alchemy is paramount to maximise DPS by changing breath into brawn in using perish stab.