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Scholars is one of the ten Great Schools in Age of Wushu. To join the Scholars, the player must first learn one of the cultural Life Skills.


The Scholars was founded by Xiao Bieqing and Shi Yanbing. They wanted to create the school that gathered like-minded people educated in cultural arts, as well as martial arts. All members of the Scholars are practiced Musicians, Weiqi Players, Calligraphers, and Painters. Their skills use musical frequencies to attack.[1]


Scholars are similar to Emei in that they have several different Martial Arts Sets for different situations. They have group buffs, but they lack healing and defensive buffs; they are more focused on offense through bonus damage and energy regeneration rather than defense.

Scholars have one of the highest single target damage sets in their Leisure Kick set, which boasts one of the strongest school moves, Slow Green Shadow. This powerful kick can easily shred through 80% health. It's devastating even against Wudang, who can't rely on health swapping since one mistake can mean death even from relatively high HP. Their Falling Flower Sword set has a powerful, uninterruptible spin move that deals massive damage in an AoE and can be comboed-into for a devastating assault.

Scholars lack good ranged options, despite Boundless Sword being a ranged set. Leisure Kick is also a risky set because a blocked Slow Green Shadow that doesn't kill the enemy can result in a quick loss, but the options that lead into Slow Green Shadow also consume the buff that makes the move so deadly. Scholars with poor skill often rely too much on their spin to win, and it is fairly easy to escape unless comboed into.

Internal Skills[]

Tier Internal Skill Max Level Max Rage Type
1st Passing Wisdom Skill 36 90 Soft Yin
2nd Mingyu Skill 36 100
3rd Forgotten Love Tract 36 110
4th Lotus Sacred Book 49 120
5th Nine Heaven Phoenix Dance Skill 49 130
6th Rivulet Fragrance Collection 49 130

Martial Arts Sets[]

Tier Martial Arts Set Weapon Scaling Type
1st Falling Flower Sword Single Sword Melee Dmg

Internal Dmg

2nd Boundless Sword Twin Swords Internal Dmg
3rd Leisure Kick Barehanded Internal Dmg Yin
4th Jade Flute Sword Single Sword Internal Dmg Soft
5th The Great Yin Yang Elegy Single Sword Internal Dmg


Scholars has its own rules and regulations. Breaking these rules will increase the player's Discipline Points. If a player’s Discipline Points exceed 100 and they enter the School area, a punishing cutscene will play. When the cutscene ends, the player’s health will be halved and they'll receive a weakening debuff for an hour.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't harm fellow school disciples +40 points
Don't break players out of jail +30 points
Don't steal escorted goods +20 points
Don't kill excessively (infamy > 200) +20 points
Don't kidnap players +10 points
No nudity or improper attire +10 points

Notable members[]

  • Xiao Bieqing: Master of the Scholars. He was a member of the government, but could not stand the fight for power, he decided to retreat to the Jiangnan Region and establish the Scholars.
  • Shi Yanbing: The Counselor of the Scholars. He became friends with Xiao Bieqing through a short battle and now considers him as a best friend. He gave up his family business to join the Scholars.
  • Yan Changkong: A descendent of Yanmen family. He was selected by Xiao to learn martial arts with the Scholars. His childhood sweetheart, Yi Ruoxun, disappeared many years ago. He still searches for her.
  • Dongfang Lingshao: The Successor of the Dongfang family. He is smart and quick-witted.
  • Wen Xinluo: A young girl with a mysterious background who Xiao brought back to the Scholars. She is loved by everyone at the Scholar school.
  • Chen Yimo: A talented girl who came from a well-educated family. She is knowledgeable in all forms of cultural arts and can speak many different languages. She is considered one of the most talented women of her time.

School uniforms[]

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