Age of Wushu Wiki

What is the purpose of school lessons?[]

The purpose of school lessons is to obtain cultivation. Note that unlike team practice, school lessons DO NOT CONSUME CULTIVATION, INSTEAD YOU ARE GAINING CULTIVATION!

Where are school lessons held?[]

School Beggar's Sect Emei Royal Guards Scholars Shaolin Tangmen Wanderer's Valley Wudang
NPC name Ren Jiuchong Gu Qingli Ling Tianyang Mu Tian'en
Location 529, 414 631, 305 658, 294 1064, -21

When are school lessons held?[]

Morning Afternoon Evening
7:30-9:00(7:30am-9am) 13:30-15:00(1pm-3pm) 19:30-21:00(7:30pm-9pm)

School Lesson Mechanics[]

  • Standard button combination mechanics as used in team practice
  • Each session is 10 rounds in length
  • There is a 45 second wait between each round
  • After each session there is a 3 minutes and 30 seconds prepratory period.
  • 8 session per school lesson with a single session being 8 minutes in length
  • As you gain cultivation, the amount gained will increase your completion progress bar. When the progress bar reaches 100%, you will no longer be able to gain any more cultivation or credits although you can still try if you want
  • The number of participants will not effect the amount of cultivation earned unlike team practice.
  • A successful round will yield a fixed 685 cultivation and 1 credit
  • A successful perfect session(10 rounds) will provide 3500 cultivation and an additional 4 credits on the last round
  • A minimum of 4 rounds are required to get 100% progress with each round yielding 25% progress each
  • You can obtain (698*9+3500)*4= 39128 cultivation per day and 14*4=56 credits per day
  • If you miss a combo, you simply won't get the ending 3500 cultivation bonus but you can still do more rounds until you reach 100%.

School Lesson Credits[]

Credits can be exchanged at the same NPC that starts the school lesson. The rewards provided are listed below.

Note: The rewards listed with unidentified are randomly generated treasures.

Rewards Cost (Credits)
School Honor Certificate 20
Infiltrate and Investigate 30
Heart Comfort Pill(5% xp for 120 min) 20
Chiyu Pill (20% inner cultivation speed for 60 min, not affected by offline practice) 50
Chengwu Pill (Cultivation points are increased 5% when practicing silver martial arts, 5 min) 60
Jingwu Pill (Cultivation points are increased 20% when practicing silver martial arts, 5 min) 180
Rough Xiaolian Pill (Cultivating adds 4000 cultivation points to currently cultivating skills; Will increase group cultivation fatigue and unused portion will be lost) 30
Unidentified Mengcan Chess Piece (Bronze)(Capable) 40
Unidentified Mengcan Chess Piece (Silver)(Capable) 120
Unidentified Mengcan Chess Piece (Gold)(Capable) 300
Unidentified Fengzi Inkstone (Bronze)(Experienced) 40
Unidentified Fengzi Inkstone (Silver)(Experienced) 120
Unidentified Fengzi Inkstone (Gold)(Experienced) 300
Unidentified Huangshan Badge (Bronze)(Gifted) 40
Unidentified Huangshan Badge (Silver)(Gifted) 120
Unidentified Huangshan Badge (Gold)(Gifted) 300
Unidentified Qingjin Hard Jade (Bronze)(Enlightened Virtuoso) 40
Unidentified Qingjin Hard Jade (Silver)(Enlightened Virtuoso) 120
Unidentified Qingjin Hard Jade (Gold)(Enlightened Virtuoso) 300
Unidentified Juijue Jade (Bronze)(Godlike Power) 40
Unidentified Juijue Jade (Silver)(Godlike Power) 120
Unidentified Juijue Jade (Gold)(Godlike Power) 300

Random chance to instantly level up current training skill![]

School lessons have a random chance to instantly level up current training skill! The only requirement, I think, is that you must score a perfect 10/10 on the current school lesson and you need to have enough cultivation points to level it up. The chances are very low, about 1-2% chance but if you get lucky, you can get a day or two worths of cultivation!