Age of Wushu Wiki

Every school has their rules. If a player breaks these rules, they earn disciplinary points. Earning too much disciplinary points rules the school forcibly punishing the player.

School Rules[]



  • Respect Your elders
  • don't harm your fellow school members ( disciplinary pt +40)
  • Protect the weak
  • No killing ( infamy 2000 disciplinary pt +20
  • cannot do a shady trade ( discipline value exceeds pt 10)
  • don't steal escorted goods ( disciplinary pt +20)
  • don't break people out of jail ( disciplinary pt +30)


Beggars' Sect[]



Wanderer's Valley[]

Royal Guards[]


If the player's disciplinary goes above 100, when they return to the school, they are forced into the Enforcement Hall and must repent until their value returns to 100. If the player's disciplinary is between 100~200, the player gains a debuff that weakens their damage by 20%. If disciplinary is between 200~300, the debuff increases to 30% damage reduction.


To repent, players must enter the Enforcement Hall, click on the Repent NPC, and accept repenting. At this point, they will be unable to do anything, but also cannot be attacked in this state. Every 10 minutes of repenting lowers disciplinary points by 10.