Cross-server School War times Edit

  • every Friday and Saturday
  • 0:00 to 21:20 Matching period for all servers
    • randomly pitting server against server, for the English version only 2 servers exist so there is no matching necessary
    • one server is declared as defender and the other as attacker
    • two schools will be chosen at random from each server to join the war. Other schools can support the war in alliance, the server determines who will become alllies (e.g. if the battle is Shaolin vs. Wudang, Wudang disciples can ally with Shaolin players against hostile Wudang players ... ??? (official description))
  • 21:20-21:30 Registration period for players in the server (Players cannot register before that time, after the battle starts or ends, or when the registration list is full.)
  • 21:30 - Start of the Cross-server School War

Participants Edit

  • The main schools: disciples of the selected schools, participant cap: 300
  • Supporting schools: disciples of the other seven schools, participants cap: 50 people/school
  • Jianghu support: Vagrants that once had been a member of any of the Eight Schools, participants cap: 50

Rewards Edit

Cross-server School War rewards include Playing Rewards and Season Rewards. 

Playing Rewards Edit

When the battle ends, the system will send individual rewards via mail. Rewards are determined by the battle results, rankings, and the rules of the main school and supporting school.

Season Rewards (School) Edit

When the season ends, the system will send rewards to all players of all schools via mail. The rewards are determined by the performance of each school in the season. 

Season Rewards (Server) Edit

When the season ends, the system will send rewards to all players of the server. Rewards are determined by the server rankings.

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