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Script Stealing is an open-PvP event that occurs Monday through Saturday from 18:55 to 19:30. Participants have a chance to obtain various Internal Skill scripts and Martials Arts Skill scripts. There is no strength requirement to participate in the event, but only characters whose strength is Peak of Power or greater can obtain scripts from the event.


The Script Stealing event occurs Monday through Saturday, 18:55 - 19:30 server time. During this time, the Librarian Librarian NPC in the player's own school can teleport to player to the event schools for free.

The event will take place at two random Great Schools, which are announced at 18:25, 18:45 and 18:50 before the event begins.

Two bookshelves will spawn at random locations in the event school areas at 19:00. The bookshelves will despawn at 19:30.

How to participate[]

The player must be a member of Great School, Reclusive Faction, or Faction to participate. Depending on the player's school, the player can participate as either script stealer or script protector:

  • If the event is not taking place at the player's own school, the player can participate as a script stealer.
  • If the event is taking place at the player's own school, the player can participate as a script protector.

Script Stealer[]


A bookshelf in Wudang.

The script stealer's objective is to steal a script from one of the target school's bookshelves or from one of the NPCs, and then deliver the script to their own school's Librarian Librarian NPC. The supply of bookshelf scripts is limited but replenishes over time. Only one script can be stolen from each NPC.

When the player picks up a script, their movement speed will be greatly reduced. Teleportation cannot be used until the player exits the school scene, and the player will lose their script if they die before exiting school scene. After exiting the school scene, the player can teleport to their own school.

Script Protector[]

The script protector's objective is to defeat one of the script stealers before they exit the school scene, and then return the stolen script to their own school's Librarian Librarian NPC.


Participants will receive scripts from the event's schools. Non-VIP will get bound scripts, and VIP will get unbound scripts.


  • Flying Skills or a fast mount can greatly improve the player's script stealing performance. Mounts cannot be used in some school areas.
  • The script stealer can use the Official Stagecoach to become untargetable and safely exit the school scene.
  • Players can purchase a Windrider Potion with 300 Wander Together points to greatly improve movement speed.