When to script steal[edit | edit source]

Script stealing event starts at 7pm(19:00) and last only 30 minutes.

How to start the event[edit | edit source]

Talk to your school librarian and select the school you want to steal from. Only two schools can be selected each day.

How to do the event[edit | edit source]

  1. Walk up to a script holding npc and knock him out to get the script or pick one up from the bookself. Note that supply is limited so you might not get one but supply does replenish over time.
  2. Carry the script out to the scene exit. Note that there will be tons of people camping the exit to steal the script from you.
  3. Teleport back to school and talk to your school librarian.
  4. Get a script.
  5. Repeat if wanted.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards you get are scripts pages from the school you targeted.

Notes for new players[edit | edit source]

  • Do not bother script stealing if you are below Expert of Self. You will be raped hard. You will be fighting against countless warriors level 50-100, your chances of surviving are nil if you are below level 50. This is a end game level event that is allowed to beginners! You will only be feeding the veteran endgamers.
  • Script stealing as a non-VIP will only yield bound scripts.
  • Do not bother stealing scripts if you do not have a FAST mount. If you are using the "Old horse", you are easily knocked off and killed.
  • Do not bother script stealing if you don't have +movement speed items. Players are moving with 300% movement speed even carrying the script while you are moving at extremly reduced movement speed. Y
  • You can try getting on the Official Stagecoach and coach out but you will most likely be attacked.
  • Buying a windrider from the VIP store will greatly improve your chances of stealing scripts. Note that it consumes 1% of your max internal force, but this can be easily solved by consuming a Fengming Pill, can be bought from any "Challenge Arena Reward Merchant"(The one in Suzhou is at 455, 762) for 10 bound Liang and they last 10 minutes and will restore 2% of your energy!


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