Age of Wushu Wiki

Secret Area Challenge is a one of several repeatable quests to obtain Demon Gate Tokens. The quest can be done daily.


The player must talk to Liu Yuda in Luojang (1137,661) twice to accept and begin the quest.


  • Strength ≥ Grand Master
  • Completed: 6th Internal Intro quest


The objective is to carry and throw darkstones into the mercury pool on the other side of the quest area. This is done by clicking the green circle next to the pool while holding the darkstone. The player has 30 minutes to fill the pool with darkstone, although it usually only takes about 10 minutes to do so. Players with a higher strength/level have the advantage of being able to carry bigger darkstones.

Sometimes large darkstones cause the mercury pool to overflow, failing the quest. If the player runs out of time or overflows the pool, they can retry the quest after waiting 10 minutes.